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Arjen Anthony Lucassen (music, arrangements),
Astrid van der Veen (vocals)
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"The latest album from Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) is a ten-track collaboration with 14-year old singer Astrid van der Veen whose debut album 'Beautiful Red' drew his attention during 2000. This led to their acoustic recording of Temple of the Cat and sneak preview of Cold Metal on for 'Ayreonauts Only'. Originally conceived as an ambient remix of Ayreon instrumentals, Ambeon's Fate Of A Dreamer , blends electronic patterns, chords and melodies derived from existing songs with Astrid's crystalline vocal arrangements. "

Astrid's comments on her live performance with After Forever:
" I sang the part of Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) Beyond Me. Originally, she sang those lines on their CD. I'm going to sing with them again on Bospop and Eurorock in Belgium. (...) Singing with After Forever is different again. It's like a dream. There is only a little I can remember after the show. But the audience is always very enthusiastic! I got a lot of compliments and I like the fact they appreciate it. Sometimes people are really impressed, and that gives me a good feeling. It's good that they felt that the music touched them."
-- Astrid van der Veen

 Ambeon Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 2001: Fate of A Dreamer

"Fate of a Dreamer opens with a short atmospheric piece entitled Estranged whose arrangement blends Celtic-style flute and progressive textures with Astrid's far ranging vocal lead. Instrumental power is equalled by Astrid's sensually sung lead in the Ashes, whose lyrics actually contain the album's title. Progressive instrumental arrangements with atmospheric keyboard sequences and metal edged guitar blend perfectly with the soaring vocal excursions. Celtic instrumentals—flute and pipes—blend with guitar and a sensually soaring bluesy vocal lead in the track High. Erik Norlander and Lana Lane contribute synthesizer and backing vocals respectively. The track Cold Metal first appeared on 'Ayreonauts Only' as a sampler of the Ambeon album yet to come. A standout track on Fate of a Dreamer, the track dramatically blends Astrid's layers of emotionally delivered vocal layers with progressive and metal-edged atmospheric instrumentaly arrangements. The thickly arranged metal-edged guitar is significantly contrasted by gently sung verse and layered chorus spanning Astrid's range in the track Sick Ceremony. "

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