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The Eye of the Hunter: The long awaited solo debut of ex-co-leader of Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry has finally seen the light. Brendan's impressive voice is as powerful as ever, but unfortunately, the songs do not carry the innovative and catchy sounds of Dead Can Dance. Brendan left all the exotic musical instruments behind and attacked this record with nothing but a guitar and his sonorous vocal chords.
If it wasn't for the greatness of the man behind it, "Eye of the Hunter" would have never made it to this section of Musicfolio.
-- Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 10/99

 Brendan Perry Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**¾ 1999: Eye of the Hunteraudio

"... a hypnotic collection of evocative, yet sparse orchestrations that move along with a subtle and undeniable ease. The progress here is minimal, as the album plays like a natural next step, rather than a turn toward something uncharted. Perry croons his trance inducing melodies without breaking form or function, resulting in a collection of songs that should not be heard while operating heavy machinery. The good news is that fans of this somber warrior will be thrilled to finally hear what he's been up to. The bad news is that unless you're out looking for the latest craze in achieving tranquility in this hectic world, this solo debut probably won't capture any new followers."
-- Albert Torres,

***¾ 2010: Ark

Tracklisting: 1. Babylon 2. The Bogus Man 3. Wintersun 4. Utopia 5. Inferno 6. This Boy 7. The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 8. Crescent

"This is the 2nd album of Brendan’s solo career, the first one being ‘The Eye of the Hunter’, released back in 1999. This second effort has a really different approach than its predecessor. In ‘Ark’, Perry is actually revealing once again the influence of Dead Can Dance. Actually, the first and the last track of the album, namely, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Crescent’ could have been heard before, as they were written especially for the last Dead Can Dance tour. Needless to say, the whole album is full of Dead Can Dance musical references from their whole career, excluding ‘Spiritchaser’. Brendan’s voice is as warm, gentle and hypnotic as always, the exotic feeling is there ( Babylon, Crescent), and the new tracks are still as beautiful as most of his songs, very atmospheric. However this album is the perfect example that Perry is not stuck in these DCD influences as he perfectly combines them with electronic music,Trip-hop, even dub! The thing that could actually be considered as quite a difference between Dead Can Dance approach and ‘Ark’ is the fact that DCD often expressed feelings beyond the barriers of language while in the case of ‘Ark’ the songs are filled with lyrics, dealing with several aspects, from nature and human spirits to politics! … Highly Recommended!"
-- Dimitris ‘tyrant’ F,, 05/10

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