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"Corpus Delicti - their name, as their music, evokes images of the darkness within the human soul, and human society. For almost five years they have been solidly building a reputation as one of the most influential bands of the new gothic scene. Sounding true to their heritage, yet not like a slavish clone band. Corpus Delicti have made an indelible impression upon the ears and minds of all who have been fortunate to see them perform, or hear their music. "

 Corpus Delicti Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 1993: Twilight

"The early '80s English gothic scene provides the expected influences for the quintet. Visually, Roma - the band's drummer, has been called a latter-day Siouxsie; while their music invokes the spirits of Christian Death, Dead Can Dance, the Virgin Prunes, Cocteau Twins and New Model Army. These influences appeared on the Twilight album - a celebration of light (the light of life, of death, and of moonlight). The album was snapped up by the Glasnost label in 1993 and their foresight was rewarded. Corpus Delicti had arrived in a timely fashion, as the second darkwave broke. The song that remains the highlight of that album for is the emotionally charged 'This Side Of The Moon' - lyrically and musically, a haunting masterpiece of forlorn hope. "

*** *¼ 1994: Sylphes
"A brilliant second album from this leading french gothic band. Haunting melodies, dark bass riffs, Sebastien's gloomy voice, and the game of seduction begins! With influences ranging from Bauhaus, to David Bowie and Joy Division, Corpus Delicti sound very much like a combination of elements from the three aformentioned music legends. The Lake, Noxious and Sarabands are probably the highlights of this album ... and of Corpus Delicti's career, but the whole album constitutes a cohesive entity that no goth should miss out on."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 8/01

***½ 1995: Obsessions
Corpus Delicti's third and last studio album. In line with their first two efforts. Includes a cover of Joy Division's Atmosphere.

***¾ 1996: Sarabands audio
A US compilation of songs taken from the first two albums + a couple of extras. Includes a cover of David Bowie's Suffragette City. Honestly, you can acquire practically a full Corpus Delicti box set by purchasing this album and the following '98 Cleopatra release "The Best Of Corpus Delicti". These two releases are commercially available and include most of the songs released on the three studio LPs.
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 8/01

"This is very dramatic goth rock music. It is extremely clean and polished with fourteen excellent songs. There are electric guitars and acoustic guitars mixed for a very artistic vibe. The synths are haunting and harmonic while the drum beats are very catchy. The deep male vocals are sung with a lot of emotion, and blend perfectly with the music. Some songs even feature a duet with a beautiful female singer. Each of the songs pretty much have the same energy. Nothing here will put you to sleep. Some songs start off mellow and then pick up shortly after. There are changes presented from start to finish to keep everything very interesting. This album is a must for all goth music fans."
-- Darklight,

***¾ 1998: The Best of Corpus Delicti audio
"Ranging from powerful goth rock tracks with atmospheric guitars to dark goth rock ballads to foreboding slow-paced keyboard fare, this album is full of emotive male vocals, powerful processed guitars, driving drums, and atmospheric keyboard touches. Standout tracks include 'The Awakening', 'Dancing Ghost', and 'Lies Spoken'. The album is also home to a decent cover of Joy Division's 'Atmosphere'. If you're new to Corpus Delicti, I would recommend picking up Sarabands first. It's a much more solid and compelling collection of songs. However, if you already have Sarabands, then by all means buy this album!"
-- Josh, customer review, 7/01

In 1998, the members of Corpus Delicti decided to shift to a more industrial sound..."We don't listen to many new gothic bands, but to more industrial and synthetic music such as Nine Inch Nails, Cubinate, :Wumpscut:, Bowie/Eno, and some techno like Scorn . . . techno hard-core." A fifth member (David) joined the newly reinvented, now industrial, band. They decided to change the name of the band to Corpus to reflect the drastic change in style.

**1998: Syn:Drom by Corpus
"No longer Corpus Delicti, and no longer gothic, the newly harsh Corpus throw themselves into the industrial/metal crossover genre with a fury. I can't imagine how their older fans are going to react to this switch.... The sound is very much like what industrial was leaning towards in the early 90-- heavy guitar, syncopated deep rhythms, harsh vocals--but Syn:drom has the luxury of hindsight. Nowhere does this become a metal album, and the overdone hard rock elements that constantly plagued bands like Armageddon Dildoes are replaced with techno. You will be reminded of the Dildoes, and also early 90s KMFDM, and maybe at some points even Megadeth when they were in their speed metal phase, but the sound is original and the beats relentless!"
-- Season of Mist,

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