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"She offers me a line of truth, the danger in the mirror"
-- "The Judgment is the Mirror"
Dali's Car
(Peter Murphy, Mick Karn)
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"Dalis Car was for me a completely necessary contrast to the Stellar and rigorous Bauhaus fast burning meteor, years. When Mick says of me that he felt that I would have liked the project to have been more pretentious, he is in fact, surprisingly wrong. I was delighted to follow the musical abstractions that Mick created, appropriating my lyrics and vocal approach to them, having had great admiration for his rough ideas that drew me towards our coming together. To me the album has a very unique quality about it that I don't think could be repeated by anyone else simply because of such a contrast in collaborators. In short, the recording of songs can be likened to taking a snapshot of the song a moment in time, one performance as it were, but this time the photos came back a bit fuzed, even though the subjects were very beautiful. As for my aspiration for us, as I have said before, it was clear a little way into the work that neither Mick or I were actually ready to develop our 'band' further, because we were both (even if Mick denies it) on the rebound from our previous bands, and subsequently unable to open up to each other totally. "
-- Peter Murphy,

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*** *1984: The Waking Houraudio

Dalis Car is a one album band formed by two of the most promising figures of dark rock of the 80's: Peter Murphy, frontman of Bauhaus, and Mick Karn, bassist of the neo-romantic group Japan. The album combined the forces and differences of both artists, forming a peculiar entity, whose style and charm can only be fully appreciated by Bauhaus and Japan lovers. Psychedellic bass tones and middle-eastern sounds blend together delivering songs that still resonate in our minds 15 years later: The Judgment is the Mirror, His Box, ...
-- S. Sukkarieh,, 9/99

"I always find it hard to speak about Dali's Car. I know that Pete Murphy has practically disowned ' The Waking Hour ' and I can't say I blame him. It was a particularly difficult project. We were two very different people. Socially we were fine, but no matter how good the idea of working together sounded, when it did come to work, we couldn't get on. However, I do think the end result makes for a very interesting album. Situations full of tension can often be the most creative. Perhaps due to our strong, opposing opinions, there's a certain strength to Dali's Car. I doubt if there will be a reunion. "
-- Mick Karn,

Dalis Car - InGladAloneness2011: In GladAloneness

Tracklisting: 1. “King Cloud” 2. “Sound Cloud” 3. “Artemis” 4. “Subhanallah” 5. “If You Go Away”

Release date: July 29, 2011


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