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The Danse Society
(1981 - 1987)
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UK gothic rock band from Barnsley, South Yorks.
Steve Rawlings (vocals)
Paul Nash (guitar)
Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards)
Tim Wright (bass) Paul Gilmartin (drums).

"During the eighties, the Danse Society created a reputation for lush and atmospheric sounds that separated them from the rest of the gothic scene at the time. The innovative and creative use of keyboards was the element gave the band their distinctive sound."
-- Cherry Red Records

 Danse Society Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1982: The Seduction

Original LP Tracklisting: 1- Godsend 2- My Heart 3- Falling Apart 4- Danse/Move 5-Ambition 6-In Heaven (Everything is fine)
Tracklisting of the CD re-issue version released in 2001: 1. Clock 2. Continent 3. These Frayed Edges 4. We're So Happy 5. Woman's Own 6. Belief 7. Ambition 8. Godsend 9. My Heart 10. Falling Apart 11. Danse/Move (Album Version) 12. In Heaven Everything Is Fine 13. Somewhere 14. Hide

UK compilation for the 80s alternative act who had a reputation for lush & atmospheric sounds that separated them from the rest of the gothic scene at the time. None of these tracks have appeared on CD before including their highly collectable self released 1982 debut album 'Seduction'. Additional tracks were drawn from their critically acclaimed 12 inch singles, 'Somewhere/Hide' & 'Woman's Own', their first single 'Clock' & the classics 'These Frayed Eyes' & 'The Seduction'. The CD features the original 'Seduction' LP cover art along with other sleeves from their early period with notes by keyboardist, Lyndon Scarfe & a complete discography.
-- CD Release notes from

***¼ 1984: Heaven is Waitingaudio

Original LP TrackListing: 1- Intro 2- Come Inside 3- Wake up 4- Angel 5- Where are you now? 6- Red light (shine) 7-Heaven is waiting 8- The hurt 9- 2000 light years from home 10- Vailant to Vile 11- The nightBonus Tracks on cassette: 12- Lizard man 13- Arabia 14- The Seduction 15- The theme (new version)
Tracklisting of the CD re-issue version released in 2002: 1. Heaven Is Waiting 2. 2000 Light Years from Home 3. Red Light (Shine) 4. Somewhere 5. Angel 6. Wake Up 7. Come Inside 8. Hurt 9. Valiant to Vile 10. Night 11. Arabia 12. Seduction 13. Theme (New Version) 14. Seen the Light 15. Endless
"... 'Heaven Is Waiting' sums up the good and bad of the goth scene in a nutshell. Made up by Steve Rawlings' powerful, haunting vocals, Lyndon Scarfe's very much 'of the time' keyboard embellishments and a fiercesome, bludgeoning rhythm section the group were built on solid foundations. Everything begins well with 'Come Inside' and 'Wake Up' possessing an imperious majesty and vitality. Such qualities are sadly absent from the keyboard-heavy work with fancy arrangments that Ultravox had long since discarded as being passe; 'The Theme' - here as a bonus track - is 10 minutes of self-indulgent nonsense. Thankfully when Scarfe turns down the dramatics on 'Where Are We Now?' and '2000 Light Years From Home' they sound as gracefully morbid as Clan Of Xymox in their prime."
-- Jonathan Leonard, Leonard's Lair

1986: Looking Through
Original LP TrackListing: 1- All I want 2- Institution 3- Sunset Gun 4- Looking Through 5-Runaway 6- House of Love 7- Don't Stop Now 8- Midnight Land

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