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Darling Violetta
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If you're a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the spin-off Angel, then you are probably already familiar with the music of Darling Violetta. They are the purveyors of the latter show's theme song, and will probably appear on countless future soundtrack projects that call for atmospheric, haunting music—yet they can also rock the roof off. Fronted by vocalist Cami Elen's sultry pipes and backed by guitar, bass, drums, and cello, this is a band that can't miss.
-- Entertainment Today, 3/00

 Darling Violetta Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1998: Bath Water Flowersaudio

"Darling Violetta is an enchanting, moody LA band sure to make everyone forget about Mazzy Star. One listen to Bath Water Flowers makes it clear that their success is just around the corner. The entire record sounds like a soundtrack to a Juliette Lewis movie. Thus, it is no surprise that "Anastasia Says" was selected by Joe Eszterhaus for the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie "An Alan Smithee Film." If Bath Water Flowers sounds like a post-punk, burned-out, noir soundtrack then Cami Elen, with her strong PJ Harvey-like vocals, is the femme fatale. Darling Violetta's music is rebellious, sensual, and passionate. "Anastasia Says" is melancholic and slow like Mazzy Star, except the lyrics are more haunting and narrative."
-- JAM! online magazine, 1/98

*** 2000: Kill You EP audio

"Switchblade Symphony meets 4AD's Throwing Muses...and PJ Harvey! That's the closest I can get to comparing Darling Violetta's fascinating sounds. Cami Elen's voice wanders from dark ethereal to intense sheer pop. The final product is a captivating EP including the mystical Spoiled and Rotten, the middle-eastern influenced Cocoon and a couple of extended song remixes guaranteed to take center stage on your CD-player for a while."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 8/00

** 2003: Parlour audio

TrackListing: 1. Intro 2. A Smaller God 3. Interlude I 4. Pauline 5. Interlude II 6. Over You 7. Jessamine 8. Interlude III 9. Bardot Barbiturate 10. Say You Love Me 11. Candy Jones 12. Interlude IV 13. Second Skin 14. Benediction 15. Interlude V 16. Beautiful 17. Interlude VI 18. Star Shoes (Love Is Everything)

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