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Programming, Production: SirFritz, Chris Tentum, Mikel Vanrose
Style: Operatic Dark-Techno - German vocals

"E Nomine started a new era in dance music with their Vater Unser (the Lord's Prayer). Electronic sound in combination with chorals and clerical lyrics seem to hit home with today's audience. How else could we explain the jump from zero to 14 on the sales charts? From there, the title rose further. The hypnotic narrator voice who keeps repeating the Lord's Prayer draws you in and won't let you escape; then you realize that the voice is familiar: it is the original synchronous voice of Robert de Niro (used in German). De Niro himself was involved at the start of the E Nomine project. The film 'Sleeper', where he plays a priest, inspired the producers to "musicalize" the Vater Unser and utilize De Niro's "syncro" voice. The project may now find a continuation in the form of a complete album. Das Testament is dedicated to the subject God and Church, but in a very modern way. The synchro voice of De Niro is used here again to generate comfortable shivers; additional German synchrovoices of the following actors: Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Nicolas Cage and John Travolta."
Polydor, translated by Volker Traudt,

 E Nomine Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1999: Das Testament

"Das Testament combines the best features of techno, classical, and religious music. The voice of the main narrator (or is it "chanter"?), though it is not musical, is deep and resonant, capable of either a quiet purr or a full-on Voice o' Doom. The mix of German and Latin lyrics creates an otherworldly feeling, and the choir provides a good balance to the "chanter." The music itself, as I said before, blends classical and techno themes, to the point that (if they are flexible enough) fans of either branch of music should find something here to enjoy. Another thing to note: the entire album has a very Biblical theme."
-- Matthew Pursley, via reviews

***½ 2002: Finsternis

Musicfolio picks: Mitternacht, Zorn-Die 12 Verbotenen Tone, Angst.
"Finsternis is the German word for Darkness, and this album lives up to its title. This is a much darker and harsher work than the other E Nomine album I own (Das Testament), but is still a wonderful release. Much of the subject matter seems to center around horror movies and monsters. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! This is a great album for Halloween listening. This one keeps you on your toes with an odd blend of beauty and harshness. When you least expect it, a silvery soprano voice sings out like starlight and moonbeams illuminating a dark and otherwise sinister night. Sometimes the effect is one of beauty, and sometimes it is one of eerieness, the point of light enhancing the surrounding darkness."
-- Matthew Pursley, via reviews

***½ 2003: Die Prophezeiung

Tracklisting: 01 Seit Anbeginn Der Zeit... 02 Die Verheissung - Interlude 03 Deine Welt 04 Schwarzer Traum - Interlude 05 Mondengel 06 Der Lockruf - Interlude 07 Das Omen (Im Kreis Des Bösen) 08 Im Lauf der Zeit - Interlude 09 Das Rad Des Schicksals 10 Das Orakel - Interlude 11 Der Blaubeermund 12 Sternsturm - Interlude 13 Im Zeichen Des Zodiak 14 Die Brücke Ins Licht - Interlude 15 Laetita 16 Das Rätsel - Interlude 17 Der Prophet 18 Das Land Der Hoffnung - Interlude 19 Anderwelt (Laterna Magica) 20 In Den Fängen Von - Interlude 21 Mysteria 22 Friedhof Der Engel - Interlude 23 Die Runen von Asgard 24 Das Erwachen - Interlude 25 Schwarze Sonne 26 Endzeit - Interlude 27 Jetzt Ist Es Still
Musicfolio picks: Das Omen, Im Zeichen Des Zodiak, Die Runen von Asgard, Das Rad Des Schicksals
"The excellent production combines dark German-language recitation with pounding beats and dance-club energy and an amazing full choir. This new album is released in two different variations. This particular one called 'Monumental Dance Edition' has all the regular danceable versions like on E Nomine's past albums, including their recent singles Deine Welt and Das Omen.
And in a very interesting move, the band has released the same album in two different forms. The 'Klassik Edition' puts a new approach to the tracks on the album, stripping out most of the drums and dance beats to focus more on the recitation and choir elements, creating something that sounds like a gothic version of Enigma. So, now you can chill out to E Nomine as well as dance to E Nomine."
-- A Different Drum

2004: Das Beste aus Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk

Tracklisting: 1. Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk 2. Vater Unser 3. Mitternacht 4. Nebelpfade 5. Das Omen im Kreis des Boesen 6. Der Ring der Nibelungen 7. Das Tier in Mir (Wolfen) 8. Nachtwache (Blaubeermund) 9. Die Runen von Asgard 10. Schwarze Sonne 11. Opus Magnum 12. Laetitia 13. Die Schwarzen Reiter 14. E Nomine (Denn Sie Wissen Nicht was Sie Tun) 15. Das Boese 16. Deine Welt 17. Spiegelbilder 18. Bibelworte des Allmaechtigen 19. Der Turm 20. Vater Unser, Pt. 2 (Psalm 23)
Best of Collection. 20 Tracks.
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