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"Freur was an arty synth-pop band from Cardiff, Wales notable for two reasons: first, vocalist Karl Hyde and keyboardist/programmer Rick Smith went on to form the seminal electronica group Underworld; secondly and far less importantly, the group initially used an unpronounceable glyph as its name over a decade before the concept occurred to Prince.
(...) A record deal was inked in 1983, and a demo version of their debut album's title track, "Doot Doot," became a minor hit in Britain and a smash success in Europe. However, the album was unable to support the single's success with any consistency, and the title of 1985's Get Us Out of Here proved prophetic, as the band split up."
Steve Huey, AMG

 Freur Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 1983: Doot Dootaudio

"Pop success completely eluded Freur, but their signature song Doot-Doot had been heard by enough people on both sides of the Atlantic to make a lasting impression.
(...) Opening with the haunting electronic gem Doot Doot, the CD runs through horns, guitars, funky bass lines, strings, jazzy riffs, techno beats, vocal harmonies, digitized crickets and a Yazoo-style production, before closing with a pair of folksy, percussion heavy bonus track b-sides. Sure, the lyrics don't make shit for sense, and a few tracks are just too goofy - or too bad - to be taken seriously, but I can't help but like it. "
-- Ron Parodi,

*** 1985: Get Us Out of Here

Tracklisting: 1-Look in the Back For Answers 2- Emeralds and Pearls 3- Kiss Me 4- A.O.K.O. 5- The Devil and Darkness 6- The Piano Song 7- Happiness 8- Endless Groove 9-This Is the Way I'd Like to Live My Life 10- Bella Donna

A collection of playful synthpop songs, with glam and ska influences, from a band that you can hardly take seriously. The notable tracks here are Look in the back for answers and The Devil and the Darkness, which appears as a bonus track on the OGLIO Records re-release of their debut album Doot-Doot.
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 3/02

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