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"In the aftermath of the break up of the classic Sisters line up, spawning Ghost Dance, The Mission, The Sisterhood and subsequent iterations of the Sisters, Gary Marx was the first with Ghost Dance to release a new recording in the shape of The River of No Return twelve inch.

The Ghost Dance story falls into three distinct chapters.

- The founding line up of Anne-Marie, Gary Marx and Etch (and Pandora the drum machine) followed straight on from Marx penned Sisters classics producing a raw, melodic and archetypal goth sound. (...)
- Richard Steel joined permanently on second guitar and The Grip of Love single constituted Pandora's last stand, and the end of this phase of the bands career. With this augmented line up, plus John Grant on drums, the sound and feel of the band changed significantly, but remained true to the goth roots. (...)
- At the end of the 1980s, like so many goth bands of that period, Ghost Dance signed to a major label [Chrysalis] and made a conscious effort to drop their 'goth' image. The results both live and recorded were disappointing."
Steven Pegrum & Kevin de Groot,

 Ghost Dance Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**** 1988:Gathering Dust

Tracklisting: 1- River of no Return 2- Celebrate 3- Heart Full of Soul 4- Can the Can 5- Last Train 6- A Deeper Blue 7- Yesterday Again 8- Both Ends Burning 9- The Grip of Love 10- Where Spirits fly 11- Radar Love

"(...) Anne-Marie Hurst, of Skeletal Family fame, provides a borderline Siouxsie-esque demonstration of how to surge between husky and howling with consummate ease, occasionally yelping as if a rogue spirit has materialised behind her and delivered a cheeky poke to the ribs. Why tracks like River of No Return or Last Train never pop up on one of those 'Darkling Demographic: Bloodstained Hits of the 80's' collections, I'll never know. Perhaps the group have more integrity than that. Gathering Dust's untimely death is unfortunate; most obviously, it was a decent collection which plugged a gap in the band's catalogue."
-- Peter Parrish,, 08/05

1989: Stop The World
Tracklisting: 1- Down to the Wire 2- Celebrate 3- Walk in my Shadow 4- Cinder Road 5- I will Wait 6- Stop the World 7- Falling Again 8- Heaven and Beyond 9- The Love I Need 10 Spin the Wheel

"The Stop the World album, whilst crammed with Marx penned classics, suffered from over production as the band sought a more pop/rock audience. The cleaned up live shows of the time started to lack the camaraderie of earlier times, not assisted by inappropriate support acts. Having lost their roots and undoubtedly having failed to meet Chrysalis' expectations, the band folded and the members scattered to the four winds."
-- Steven Pegrum & Kevin de Groot,

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