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Lacuna Coil
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Cristina Scabbia - female vocals
Andrea Ferro - male vocals
Cristiano Migliore - guitars
Marco Biazzi - guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - bass guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - drums & percussion

"...[Lacuna Coil] The definition, empty spiral, evokes that nostalgic, celestial feeling they wanted to convey in their former moniker. Their sound can be described as melancholic, dark rock engulfed in narcotic melody, with progressive hints and beautiful ethereal female vocals. And like everything bearing an Italian trademark, Lacuna Coil’s music is brimming with one essential ingredient: Passion..."

"They’re on a crusade to put introspection back on the rock map, with the added advantage of intelligence, space and melody in their music. Led by the delightful Cristina Scabbia - a lady whose sultry looks are matched by her voice and sharpness - the ‘ Coil take elements of the goth metal movement so beloved by mainland Europe and mix it with a certain sub-psychedelic quality that radiates charisma, style, class and atmosphere..."
Malcolm Done,

 Lacuna Coil Discography - Album / CD Reviews

** ¾ 1997: Lacuna Coil (EP)audio

Warning! Genre: Heavy Metal
"While the immediate listen will instantly remind people of The Gathering simply due to good female vocals transposed over heavy music, the band establishes its own identity quickly. Musically, the band glides like a swan through very ethereal (heh heh...that was their former name and a very apt description of the effect of their music) passages that lead deftly into heavier sections, never losing the haunting structures or melodies. "
-- John Chedsey,

1999: In a Reverieaudio

"'In A Reverie' is intense, refined, rich of personality, with a production that exalts all the expressive nuances of the music. The compositions are techniques, cleans but, in comparison with the other CD, more powerful and death oriented, more aggressive; at the same time the music is pervaded with new wave solutions, somehow gothic, extremely well arranged. Sometimes acoustic Arabian sounds make precious calm parts, supported by the excellent interpretation of the singer Cristina, seconded by Andrea, that has learned to exploit its voice qualities. "
-- Laura Archini, Metal Schock, n.281, 2/99

*** 2000: Half Life (EP)
"The music is interesting and extremely well structured, if a tad commercial, with larger-than-life melodies in the foreground and heavy metal riffs in the background. Christina's voice may not stretch outside the audible range but still belongs to planes metaphysical. The combination of smooth female and rough male vocals works well as was intended to, the production is spotless (if a bit impersonal) and the atmosphere created by the band is starting to become distinctive. As for 'Falling again', it is a marvel of a song which deserved to be heard again but methinks it was slightly better the first time around.
-- Rupture, 6/99

***½ 2001: Unleashed Memoriesaudio
"Lacuna Coil unleashed more than just memories on their second full length album, delivering a blend of hard metal riffs and melodic tunes that will sure please a wide range of audience. The unique female vocals of Cristina Scabbia are, as always, Lacuna's ace in the hole; eventhough the background male growling works fine on most of the songs, the band could very well do without.

Unleashed Memories is a solid release, one my favorites so far for 2001. From the haunting opening track 'Heir of a dying day', to the middle-eastern ballad 'Cold Heritage', and the more commercial 'Distant Sun', all songs that promise to become gothic metal classics in years to come.

If only one thing should be retained from a Lacuna Coil listening experience, then it's got to be… Cristina! Her angelic and powerful vocals are only matched by her looks and her presence on stage."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 6/01

***¼ 2002: Comaliesaudio
"Being that this is the third album by this Italian 'gothic metal' act, it shows polish and quite a large dose of pop sensibility. I just find myself thinking, as I always do when I see photos of bands who drop the goth tag to describe themselves: how can you take them seriously? There is a large measure of camp which is prevalent in this genre and Lacuna Coil are no different. Don't get me wrong, the music is powerful and muscular and the lyrics not too terribly self-indulgent. The vocals of Cristina Scabbia are very enchanting in an almost Julianne Regan sort of way but Andrea Ferro really doesn't do anything at all for me. I'd suggest the band allow him to fill the mysteriously unnoted keyboardist position (yes, there are keyboards a-plenty on this disc) and let Ms Scabbia get on with fronting the band. There is nothing remotely goth about how she sings and it is the one thing in this band which really stands out. Forget the re-cycled Nefilimesque riffs dominating this album and the Hetfield wannabe style that Ferro emotes. "
-- Peter Marks,, 9/02

***¼ 2006: Karmacode audio
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"There had been speculation that Lacuna Coil would change their sound to attract a more mainstream audience on this album. Older fans have nothing to worry about as the band keeps their signature melodies while also adding a heavier and more upbeat complexion to their music. (...) This album is full of Middle Eastern flavor with a stronger, faster pace than previous efforts from Lacuna Coil. As usual, Cristina and her voice are the highlight of the experience. [Fragile] starts off with Cristina in a Middle Eastern vocal chant, which becomes a theme to this album. The heavy groove to this song captures you as soon as the band starts playing. A chugging riff highlights the introduction. (...) Then Lacuna Coil shows their new direction as Andi sings the lead song off 'Karmacode', while accompanied by Cristina as a background vocalist. (...) I never thought I would hear a cover, let alone a Depeche Mode cover on this album, but Lacuna Coil nails [Enjoy The Silence] and Cristina adds her own special flair to an already amazing song. 'Karmacode' is the breakout album Lacuna Coil has been waiting for since they first arrived on the U.S. scene three years ago. They are a shining star in an under-populated female metal scene here in the States and they will be a rising force in the future. (...) Huge crossover success in the mainstream is coming with this release and one of the hardest working bands in the business will finally get their due. Watch out Amy Lee and Evanescence there is a new Queen Bee in town and her name is Cristina Scabbia and her band is Lacuna Coil."
-- Jason Levine, ABC Television Network, 3/06

*** 2009: Shallow Life
Tracklisting: 01. Survive 02. I Won't Tell You 03. Not Enough 04. I'm Not Afraid 05. I Like It 06. Underdog 07. The Pain 08. Spellbound 09. Wide Awake 10. The Maze 11. Unchained 12. Shallow Life
"For fans of Italy’s gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, the band’s 5th studio album 'Shallow Life' will offer much of what attracted listeners in the first place. At the forefront is undoubtedly vocalist Cristina Scabbia, who is able to take songs that might be mediocre otherwise and propel them to a different level. Shallow Life marks Lacuna’s Coil first concept album, with the main theme being superficiality that exists in everyday life. (...) 'Shallow Life' isn’t necessarily a mind-blowing new musical experience, but having Scabbia in the group is obviously a huge resource. Between her use of Arabic-style vocalizations (I’m Not Afraid) and her impressive range, she is able to get emotion across in every track. (...) The album is surprisingly lacking in memorable lead work, but Unchained and Spellbound do include soulful solos. 'Shallow Life' has it's share of laid-back moments, with Wide Awake and Shallow Life being two of the standout tracks in this area. They are quite different approaches, with the acoustic guitar and the piano acting as the main backing instrument, respectively. Nothing on the album truly screams metal, and Lacuna Coil should probably be deemed more of a gothic rock band than a metal one. (...) While Shallow Life isn’t their most impressive work, it still has enough positive aspects to keep dedicated fans happy."
--, 4/09

2012: Dark Adrenaline
Tracklisting: 1. Trip The Darkness 2. Against You 3. Kill the Light 4. Give Me Something More 5. Upsidedown 6. End of Time 7. I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow 8. Intoxicated 9. The Army Inside 10. Losing My Religion 11. Fire 12. My Spirit

Release date: Jan 23, 2012

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