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Born to die,
we're born to lose,
and not one choice we make we choose.

-- LAM
London After Midnight
Sean Brennan & Co
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"London After Midnight was formed in the early 1990s by singer/guitarist Sean Brennan in Los Angeles. The band includes Tamlyn (keyboard) and Michael Areklett (bass).

London After Midnight quickly grew in fame, selling out copies of their demo release in local shops as fast as new ones could be produced. Following their 1992 release of "Selected Scenes From the End of the World" they again received a standing ovation from the local and national crowd, performing more and more often to sold-out venues.

With their 1996 release of "Psycho Magnet" and "Oddities" in 1998, London After Midnight had achieved worldwide recognition, headlining with The Cure at the Zillo summer festival. Since that time they have been spotlighted on E! Entertainment for their influence over the club scene.
-- Angel Wylde, for, 6/01

"We don't want to be clones of someone else. We shun labeling. We are artists, and the whole thing about creating is bringing something into existence that was not there before. So when you create something and put a label on it, it defeats the purpose and takes away the uniqueness of the art "
-- Sean Brennan, LAM

 London After Midnight Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**** 1992: Selected Scenes from the End of the World audio

Selected Scenes is a musical lament on life, love, and how the two intertwine. From dirge-like arrangements of longing and desire to the inevitable loss that accompanies love. If you've ever wanted an album to listen to as you cried over the one who broke your heart, this is it.
-- Angel Wylde, for, 6/01

***¼ 1996: Psycho Magnetaudio

A self admitted statement on the cliquishness of club-life; Psycho Magnet exchanges the sadness of Selected Scenes for one of removed outrage. The result however is a pleasant one. Paying more attention to a harder edge, Psycho-Magnet tends to lean more toward the "industrial" in goth/industrial music. This spawns such anthems as "Letter to God".

LAM remains true to its roots however, including songs such as "Shatter" which returns to their debut album's pained overtures.
-- Angel Wylde, for, 6/01

*** * 1998: Odditiesaudio

Oddities may be seen in either two ways - Allowing the fans a different perspective on the music of their first two albums, or a simple lack of material. The most notable track on the album is 'Christmas Song' which is admittedly one of LAM's best tracks to date. The consummate fan will find much to enjoy here, but casual listeners will most likely be disappointed. Still, I hope we hear a lot more from this group in the form of new material.
-- Angel Wylde, for, 6/01

**** 2007: Violent Acts of Beauty

Tracklisting: 01. The Beginning Of The End 02. Feeling Fascist? 03. Nothing's Sacred 04. Heaven Now 05. America's A Fu**ing Disease 06. Complex Messiah 07. Republic 08. Fear 09. Pure 10. The Kids Are All Wrong 11. Love You To Death 12. The Pain Looks Good On You 13. Nothing's Sacred ( Extended Club Mix ) 14. Nothing's Sacred ( Edit Club Mix ) 15. Nothing's Sacred ( Original Demo ) 16. America's A F***ing Disease ( Edit )

"Known for his strong stances in favor of animal rights, pro-environmental and human rights issues, anti-corporate control of media, and support for progressive, and liberal politics, Brennan’s passions are evident in his artistic output. (...) LAM has retained and nurtured the political and socially aware element of the later punk scene that virtually vanished from the music scene in the early 90s, and has developed as a passionate and political dark rock-music entity. There really is no classification that fits London After Midnight (despite LAM's "dark" image) because the music is so varied and the lyrical content, and even LAM's personality and causes, are unique and uncommon in today's music scene, often breaking boundaries- much to the outrage of people who live and die by genre labels.
Sean delivers his new CD 'Violent Acts of Beauty' wrapped in controversial imagery of: a world in turmoil, visions of solitude, a population obsessed with ego and destruction, and a Creator frustrated with his creation - all set to a beautiful and unique sonic landscape that defies description. Overall, with 'Violent Acts of Beauty' Sean Brennan has exceeded expectations after the prolonged birth of this beast. Violent Acts of Beauty is bound to please old fans and new fans alike. The music is truly touching while at the same time disturbing, because its based in reality, all the while being very, very appealing. Past London After Midnight releases hinted at what was possible. London After Midnight's new CD shows us what is real."
-- metropolis-records

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