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"La Roux is Elly Jackson and her synth-playing partner Ben Langmaid. Formerly known as Automan, the duo first worked together on acoustic tracks, before ditching the guitars and plugging in the synths. Langmaid is a veteran of 90s house act HUff And Puff, which saw him team up with Faithless producer Rollo Armstrong, while Jackson is keen on classic synth pop such as The Human League and the Eurythmics. Named after the French phrase for "red haired one", the band are managed by the same team that handles the Klaxons, which secured them a place on the uber-cool compilation 'Kitsune Maison 6' and a slot on the Lily Allen tour in March 2009. Kitsune released 'Quicksand' as a single in Decemver, and a debut album is due on Polydor in early 2009."

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"You wouldn’t expect the androgynous looks and sharp falsetto of singer Elly Jackson to easily strike such a chord with the record-buying public, yet massive single In For The Kill spent weeks in the upper reaches of the charts. (...) Of course, everyone’s going a bit ‘80s at the moment, but La Roux’s debut is the ultimate expression of our newfound love for that once-maligned decade. Much of that comes down to Jackson’s low-profile partner Ben Langmaid. He helped introduce her to the likes of the Human League and Eurythmics, whose unmistakable presence is felt on every track. Yet for all the ripping off of their electronic forebears, the pair have created an unforgettable and edgy pop record. Launching into the album with In For The Kill does exactly what the song title promises: kicking off an attack of irresistible tunes and arresting production. Followed in short succession by the equally catchy Tigerlily and singles Quicksand and Bulletproof, the band falls into that classic trap of using up their best material rather quickly. However, apart from a couple of later tracks, the album is far from filler and still delivers blow after blow of superb songcraft. Things may get a bit sparse on true heartbreak story Cover My Eyes, but rarely does anyone enjoying such a high profile in pop open up with such sincerity as Jackson does here – it’s hardly surprising that she reportedly burst into tears after recording the song. For all the fantastic synth work, it’s Jackson’s incredible ability to be both powerful and vulnerable that leaves those other women staring jealously from the side of the dancefloor."
--Steve Harris,, 6/09

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