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Lowsunday is a five-piece band operating out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their music has been described as gothic, ethereal, '80s style dark pop, lush, and atmospheric. Until 1998, they were known as Low Sunday Ghost Machine.
Lowsunday's sound is characterized by the contrast between two guitars, one rhythmic and precise, and the other free-flowing and gauzy. Underneath lies the machine-like power of bass and drums; above swirls haunting male vocals and keyboards.

 Lowsunday Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1996: Low Sunday Ghost Machine

Track Listing: 1-So Far Away 2-For A Moment 3-Your Eden 4-The Wanted 5-No Sun 6-Spider's Web 7-Blast Away 8-Overslide 9-Static

"Sometimes they have the guitar sound of early Cocteau Twins or even the Disintegration-era Cure, but they layer so many guitar and synth lines that it sounds like a whole other instrument. What crowns this though is the vocals, low without sounding ridiculously deep and emotive without being fake. The whole thing is like early 80's new-romantic/early goth thrown into a blender with complex arrangements and a little more "rock" than the 80's."
-- Jason Lambert, 3rd Nail

*** 1999: Elesgiem audio

Track Listing: 1-wallpaper room 2-she follows rain 3-zuff 4-magic memory 5-elevate her 6-shine 7-to sleep 8-alone without 9-human 10-closer closer 11-daystar 12-disassembly

"(...) resembles later Chameleons combined with an array of other 80s alternative sounds. At times, I'm reminded of the Galaxy 500 and Mission of Burma, but it's the straightforward guitar-drums-bass attack that keeps this disc from the mundane punky-weirdo doldrum of the aforementioned bands. Fans of 80s atmospheric alternative will find Lowsunday, and especially this release, a refreshing alternative to what record labels are feeding as "alternative." Goth fans on a strict Sisters of Mercy/Christian Death diet may not find this disc pleasing to the palette, but I for one must say that it's one of the best releases of 1999 and I myself craving it more after every listen."

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