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Give me the sword of justice
Show me the hate to put it through
-- Midge Ure
Midge Ure
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In one guise or another, Midge has graced our music scene for more than 20 years. Stumble, Salvation, Slik, Rich Kids, Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Visage and Ultravox have all benefitted from his natural musical prowess.
Sue Goulding, Homeland (

Midge Ure's career began in the early 70's, as he joined the band Salvation(1972), who later-on, in 1974 changed their name to Slick. Slick disbanded in 1977, and Midge joined the punk rock band Rich Kids, formed by Sex-Pistol's Glen Matlock. In 1979, Midge worked with the Misfits for a short while, and also in that same year teamed with Steve Strange, leader of Visage. He took a short break from Visage, to replace Thin Lizzy's guitarist, while they were on tour. In 1980, Midge joined Ultravox, a band who later-on proved to be one of the leading groups of the 80's synth-pop era. Midge Ure started his solo-career in 1985, and since, has released four full-length albums of suave atmospheric sounds, none of which --unfortunately-- compares to his brilliant musical achievements with Ultravox.
Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 5/99

 Midge Ure Discography - Album / CD Reviews

*** 1985: The Gift {short description of image}
"Except for a slightly increased guitar focus and the large proportion of instrumentals, Ure's one-man solo album (...)sounds enough like Ultravox in spots to unsettle his bandmates--it could easily be mistaken for a group effort. If I Was has a nice refrain but trite lyrics--Ure's uncertainty quickly becomes aggravating--and goes on too long."

***½ 1988: Answers to Nothing {short description of image}
This album features contributions by Mick Karn ( bass guitarist of Japan) and Kate Bush (on the song Sisters and Brothers). The overall ambiance of the album fits more closely the pop-rock scene than the new-wave synth-pop category.

Musicfolio picks: Answers to Nothing, Lied.

1991: Pure
"...wanders between the sounds of his previous album (i.e. fairly slow) and faster tracks like "Rising" which wouldn't have been out of place on the last Ultravox album U-Vox. (...) Overall quite a pleasant album..."
-- Al Crawford,

**** 1993: The very best of Midge Ure/Ultravox{short description of image}
Some of the best material released by Midge Ure and the Ultravox grouped on one CD.

*** 1996: Breathe
"Breathe is a rather different album from 'The Gift'. Gone are the synth-heavy passages that marked Ultravox in their heyday, and with them most of the new-wavish ambience that the group had become legendary for. Instead, we have ... lyrical folk passages and Celtic influences galore. It might be fair to suggest that the 'intelligent adult art-pop' market was the designed audience for this release, in contrast to the younger (if still intelligent) audience that Ultravox had targeted in earlier years. Perhaps Ure was simply writing for an audience which was maturing with him. This album also features Ure working with a substantial number of collaborators, including three string-men who have a considerable role to add to the overall value of the album. Eric Bazilian, formerly of the Hooters, contributes mandolin on most tracks, adding some measure of credibility to the Celtic endeavours. Robert Fripp provides one of his legendary guest appearances on Guns And Arrows, bringing that particular track much higher than it would have ascended on its own. And Shankar's role on Live Forever allows that track, as well, to attain a truly special quality."
-- The Christopher Currie, Tentative Reviews, 5/98

**¾ 2000: Move me
Midge Ure might be partly responsible for some great moments in the history of pop music (Vienna, for example). However, this is not one of those moments. This is just quite boring adult-oriented radio pop. No thrills at all. This is too harmless music, nothing in it irritates the listener except the complete lack of cracks in the shiny surface.
Mikko Saari,, 10/00

***¾ 2002: No Regrets - Very Best of Midge Ure
Collection of some of the best music from Midge Ure, former lead singer of Ultravox. The seventeen track include all seven of his solo singles released between 1982 and 1988, rare B-sides and a selection of live tracks.

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- Lied

- Dear God
- Guns and Arrows
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