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Oh My Goth!
Take pleasure in my hurt
-- RiB
Razed in Black
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"Since 1996, Razed in Black have released a series of full-length albums and EPs, each one an emotionally charged mixture of throbbing electronic manipulations and heavily distorted guitars. (...) Founder and leading creative force behind RiB, Romell Regulacion, has ample experience in the world of techno, spinning at clubs, releasing albums and contributing to the soundtrack of major films such as “Carrie 2: The Rage” and “Mystery Men” under the moniker Transmutator. (...) Pulsating and throbbing beats, hypnotic and alluring synth lines, aggressive and scorching guitar riffs, intense and emotional lyrics – just a few words to describe the music of RAZED IN BLACK. Hawaii native, solo artist Romell Regulacion skillfully incorporates elements of Industrial, Trance, Goth, and Electro in his music, taking RAZED IN BLACK well into the future of the new millennium."
-- 'Damaged' press release, 6/03

 Razed in Black Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1996: Shrieks Laments & Anguished Criesaudio

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1997: Overflow (EP)audio
"This is a Razed in Black remix CD. Three of the remixes are done by Razed in Black, while the others are done by Leaether Strip, Brain Leisure and Implant. The songs remixed are from Razed in Black's debut CD 'Shrieks, Laments And Anguished Cries' and include the tracks Forlorn, What's Fair?, Power, Control, Just Let It Go and Future Unkown. The original versions of these tracks were energetic and fast paced to begin with, so these remixes aren't a lot different. They do have more of an electronic edge than the originals, but that's not enough to make them sound fresh. (...) if you already have Razed in Black's debut CD, there isn't too much to get excited about here."
-- Darklight, wrappedinWire

*** 1999: Sacrificed audio
"Sacrificed is a good overall CD. It's stompy and strong pretty much throughout the CD. In a few spots they break the heaviness to give you a chance to catch your breath with some ambient-noise pieces. They strike me as radio shows, because in Snooze is the story of a guy trying to fall asleep and Guilty is a weird hybrid of spacey whines and soothing low chords and squeaks. (...) Highlight tracks for Sacrificed are Nightmare, a sultry movement of sweeping electronics and heavy riff work. Other favorites of mine here are Master and Lust. All of these show RIB's excellent EBM-Metal combination. Master has a lot of bounce to it. An excellent dance floor track. Lust has a softer groove with sexily whispered vocals and just the right amount of innuendo. And I must make mention of their kick ass, Kraftwerk-style Metallica cover of Damage, Inc. RIB turn Damage, Inc into something even more powerful than the original."
-- Marcus Pan, LegendsMagazine

***½ 2001: Oh My Goth (EP)

"The first track is a remastered version of the original, in all it's guitar laden, sultry glory. Guest female vocals by Shirley Dayton and Michelle Pagan lace the seething landscape that Romell's voice so deftly provides. This is just one of those songs that wants to be played several times in a row...and with five other versions on here, you can do it that much better. As is apparent in his remixes and choice of people to remix his work, Romell is making a distinct step into the realm of techno/trance, while keeping a hold on the danceable fury of his more industrial side. RIB could very possibly be the best cross-genre band out there in the realms it occupies. Ravers go nuts to Oh My Goth. Shouldn't we loosen our corsets some and let out our inner ravers? RIB only gets better with every release, and if this EP is any indication, then we are in for a nice surprise when the next full length arrives."
-- Bouncy Skull

**** 2003: Damaged audio
TrackListing: CD1 - 1. Blush 2. Share This Poison 3. There Goes My Head 4. I'll Damage You 5. Leave It All Behind 6. Am I 2 Blame? 7. Visions 8. Come Back To Me 9. Misunderstood 10. Why? 11. Nevermeant_V2
CD2 - 1. Blush_V2 2. LIAB (Future Retro Mix) 3. I'll Damage You (Eve Of Destiny Mix) 4. Visions (Assemblage 23 Mix) 5. Am I 2 Blame? (Soil & Eclipse Mix) 6. Visions Of Our Past (Break Anthem Mix) 7. Blush (NeikkaRPM Mix) 8. Visions (Reprise)
Bonus Live Videos: Master at the Key Club, L.A. - Overflow (fan clips from 50 states)

"The double CD package includes a special bonus disc with 8 remixes and 2 enhanced CDR videos of live performances that were recorded live at the The Key Club, Hollywood CA + Fan clips from 50 States. (...) Damaged is simply one of the most intelligent hybrids of trance techno programming, darkwave songwriting and brutally aggressive guitar riffs. Think Paul Oakenfold meets NIN meets Ministry. (...) This new album brings the two strands, techno and industrial, and threads them together with expertise and finesse to create one of the most densely-layered, seductively dark yet wholly invigorating albums to come along in quite some time.
-- press release, 6/03

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