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Rhea's Obsession
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Named in honour of Rhea, mythological mother-time and moonsickle-wielding creator/destroyer of the world, Rhea's Obsession was created in 1994 by vocalist Sue Hutton, appearing at Mariposa.

The current incarnation of the band was born through the collaboration of Sue with guitarist Jim Field during the composition of a soundtrack for the dance film Tabulae Anatomicae Sex. This film debuted on the Bravo! arts channel in Canada and was aired on a regular basis for several months.

Jim is veteran of Toronto's underground music scene, having appeared on record and stage with such bands as Dinner Is Ruined, Lovebomber and Guilt Parade. Sue's background in Celtic folk music and classically-trained vocals blend on stage with Jim's expansive guitar soundscapes, keyboards by Dave Klotz and Mike Rosenthal on drums.

 Rhea's Obsession Discography - Album / CD Reviews

*** 1996: Initiation audio

"Rhea's Obsession, in configuration, is not unlike a lot of duos who are making darkly ethereal music these days: one woman vocalist who doubles on percussion and a male who handles most of the instrumental chores. We've seen this line-up in bands which seem to be springing up in the genre more and more these days. What makes Rhea's Obsession different is that the music never attemps to be anything but what it is: good, insightful and melancholic.

Vocalist Sue Hutton's voice is rich, lush, and gorgeous. The instrumentation and arrangements of Jim Field are intricate, beautiful and multi-layered. (...) In this disc, the Celtic influence is well done, yet not overblown, infusing the wailing guitar and allowing it to serve as a contemporary accent in an otherwise traditional background."
Carnell, Carpe Noctem

*** 2000: Eclipse EP
Tracks include material from the early days (soundtrack pieces from BRAVO TV), a track recorded for PSI FACTOR (ANXIA), and some brand new mixes from the 2000 release Btwn Earth and Sky.

***½ 2000: Between Earth and Skyaudio
"A sweeping atmosphere of tranquility and serenity awaits us with Between Earth and Sky. Here, the Canadian duo Rhea's Obsession is delivering an outstanding performance, charming us with their gorgeous ethereal music. With diverse world music references, many ancient Arabian ones, build around a superb orchestration of percussion and guitars all this supported by the blissful, multidimensional vocal's abilities of Sue Hutton; this album is simply beautiful. For sure, Rhea's Obsession plays on some gothic's edges, and this, with brilliance and Dreaming Blade is truly revealing such overtones. Here more grinding, but well balanced, guitars replace the usual acoustic ones along shy electronics making their intrusion along Hutton's remarkable vocals providing an energetic performance. But, Between Earth and Sky's best moments can be found in its serenity with songs like Spill Elixir or the opening Too Deep delivering a heavenly experience. The late, with a soft electronic landscape smoothly embracing acoustic guitars, donates such a pleasant, yet unique, moment."
Final Man,

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