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"SIG:AR:TYR is an oddly named one man act from the frozen tundra of Ontario. The one man goes by the name Daemonskald and delivers slow rocking, but consistently intriguing folk metal. (...) SIG:AR:TYR plays with a number of different moods, taking inspiration both from ambient and viking acts."
-- Kiel,, 11/08

"SIG:AR:TYR is the one man project of Daemonskald, Canadian lover of all things Viking. Being a one man project, SIG:AR:TYR has become an outlet for Daemonskald’s musings on the mysteries of life and spiritual experiences. The name is an ancient rune word meaning Chaos-Balance-Order. These forces form the core materials of existence according to pagan traditions. On his official website, Daemonsklad describes SIG:AR:TYR as being dedicated to “the dark, grim history and mythology of Northern Europe.”"
-- Stephen Teichgraeber, Metal Ex Nihilo Blog, 8/08

 Sig:Ar:Tyr Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2003: The Stranger (EP) audio
Tracklisting: 1. At The Gates 2. The Stranger 3. Against The Grail 4. Orion Awaits 5. Tears For Baldur 6. Beyond the Dying Sun

2005: Sailing the Seas of Fate audio

Tracklisting: 1. Dreaming of the Dawn 2. Frost on Dead Leaves 3. Under the Dragon Star 4. Snowborne 5. To Cronia 6. The Dead Giant's Tale 7. Urd 8. Verdandi 9. Skuld
"SIG:AR:TYR is a Canadian ambient/acoustic/folk/metal band and is the brainchild of composer Daemonskald. 'Sailing The Seas Of Faith' tells the story of a Viking quest to the far northern reaches of the world to retrieve an object to turn the tide of Christianity. The lyrics aren’t very straightforward but also aren’t so abstract as to stop the listener from understanding the concept behind the album. There are many references to Norse mythology within the songs. The album is mostly instruments but when a voice is heard it is usually someone talking faintly, almost in the background behind the instruments, adding to the gloomy, ambient feel of many songs. (...) 'Sailing The Seas Of Fate' is a very unique experience in the world of folk metal. The beautiful ambient acoustic melodies lead you through a journey and allow anyone to immerse themselves into the concept behind the album."
-- Simon Harris,, 5/08

***¾ 2008: Beyond The North Winds audio

Tracklisting: 1. King Of The World 2. Beyond The North Winds 3. Pale Autumnal Moon 4. Under The Mountain 5. Sword From An Unknown Hand 6. Etched In Stone 7. Among The Ruins 8. The Way 9. Far Away
"'Beyond the Northern Winds', continues the stylistic progression of his previous releases by creating an ambient sound with a strong emphasis on traditional metal riffs and Wagnerian sized doses of passionate folk elements. At the foundation of this second full length release rests in the liberal use of heavily distorted guitars followed close in toe by no less intense acoustic harmonies. It is a nice blend of the two styles some of his fans can’t decide which they enjoy more. Things here should keep them happy. The drums, for the most part, are fairly unremarkable at their slow, plodding pace, but fit the ambient style well. Atmospheric keyboard work also plays an important role, taking three minutes to introduce the opening track, comprising almost the entirety of others, or simply doing its magic off in the distance somewhere. In all instances, the keyboards are quite pleasant and do much to capture the sense of grim mystery Daemonskald seems to be looking for. (...) There are three acoustic instrumental tracks on the album, and sometimes the acoustic guitars will disappear entirely from a song. Acoustic solos grace many of the tracks as well, and while well conceived, often blur into a series of imperceptible notes making the beauty of their construction difficult to decipher. Daemonskald’s vocals are another strong point of the album. Previously, Daemonsklad went for a more spoken word approach with the occasional raspy intonations here and there. On 'Beyond the Northern Winds', things are very much the opposite. Harsh vocals are more pronounced and prevalent, fitting with the newfound heaviness. His voice also shifts into a subdued but classically styled sound falling short of the spoken word but still managing to carry a note. The lyrics themselves are thoughtful and in my mind never forced or awkward. Again, fitting for the style of play. Overall, 'Beyond the Northern Wind' is another superb release from a creative guy with a lot of talent."
-- Stephen Teichgraeber, Metal Ex Nihilo Blog, 8/08

***½ 2010: Godsaga audio

Tracklisting: 01. Nights All Nine 02. Midwinter Sacrifice 03. Blood Of The North 04. Black Sun's Bane 05. Eternal Return 06. Sleep Of The Sword 07. Sonatorrek 08. Godsaga 09. Distant Northern Shore

"'Godsaga', the third opus from Daemonskald, the man behind Sig:A:Tyr, is a darker affair and more metal driven than the previous albums, 'Sailing The Seas Of Fate' and 'Beyond The North Winds', with more black metal, raspy vocals than clean singing or narration, which is more evident on 'Sailing' than 'Beyond'. (...) The album starts out with an acoustic piece, with a steady drum beat, with some southing vocals, which are sung by the way not raspy like the rest of the album. Clocking in at a respectable 56 minutes, it is the longest album to date (4 and 2 minutes longer respectably). For a relatively unknown band, the production values are quite high, no instrument overpowering the other, while keeping everything just sweet enough to hear what is going on, even on an mp3 rip from the CD. (...) If I could change any thing on 'Godsaga', I would have had the song Godsaga last, as it feels like an album closer. It starts out with a bit of ambiance followed by a marching time drum beat, before the guitars kick in. Also, I would have liked more narration vocals, as Daemonskald has that sort of power to his voice."
-- Thorshammer,, 7/10

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