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"Sleepthief is the new electronic/vocal musical project of producer/composer Justin Elswick and co-producer Israel Curtis. Similar to Balligomingo and Delerium, Sleepthief combine pulsating rhythms, sonic string textures, synth vibes, and a bevy of eleven beautiful female vocalists to create an exhilerating listening experience. (...) Sleepthief (a.k.a. Justin Elswick) may be an anomaly in the music industry- a full-time attorney who has somehow found the tenacity and creative inspiration to create a lush and innovative e-pop vocal album where he brings together his wish list of amazing vocalists. His deep love of epic, transcendent-style electronic/ worldbeat/ ethereal music has forged an epic, mysterious body of work that blurs the boundaries between electronica, pop, and ambient. "

 Sleepthief Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2006: The Dawnseeker

TrackListing: 1.Eurydice (feat. Jody Quine) 2.Desire Of Ages (feat. Shelley Harland) 3.You Did A Good Thing (feat. Nicola Hitchcock) 4.Just Say It (feat. Kyoko Baertsoen) 5.The Chauffeur (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw) 6.Tenuous (feat. Jody Quine) 7.Sublunar [Sweet Angel] ( feat. Kristy Thirsk) 8.Nightjar (feat. Caroline Lavelle) 9.Fire From Heaven (feat. Roberta Carter Harrison) 10.The Metro (feat. Jerri Eckert) 11.Kiss To Savor (feat. Jody Quine) 12.Afterthoughts (feat. Lauren Edman) 13.Entre Ciel Et Mer (feat. San.Drine)
"Not since the Balligomingo album 'Beneath The Surface' have we had such a vast collection of stunning female vocalists accompanying equally enticing electronic arrangements. Sleepthief's debut album The Dawnseeker has thirteen tracks that can also be called aural nectar and sonic ambrosia. Yes, the album is auditory nirvana. Whatever words fans ultimately select, it is likely that all will agree that this long-awaited full-length debut release by Sleepthief sets a new benchmark in the genre of electro-pop music."
-- Russ Elliot,

"'The Dawnseeker' brings together a virtual all-star cast of the ethereal electro genre’s most acclaimed female vocalists performing some of the most breathtaking and melodically luminous compositions written by a new artist. The remarkable lineup includes: Kirsty Hawkshaw (DJ Tiesto, Delerium, Pole Folder), Caroline Lavelle (Radiohead, Loreena McKennitt, Massive Attack), Harland (Delerium, Human II Human), Kristy Thirsk (Delerium, Rose Chronicles), and Jody Quine (Balligomingo), among others. The album includes a cover of Duran Duran's The Chauffeur and a cover of Berlin's The Metro. "

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