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I capture this thin beauty by listening to you...
-- Captive Beauty - Sophya
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"Sophya's lead singer Sonja has the most fantastic 'velvet' sounding voice you rarely come across, a perfect gem shining bright in the dark. The music is completely layered with ethereal elements and written in such a way that each song could become an instant classic"
-- Ronny Moorings, Clan of Xymox

In late '99 Sophya decided to move to Amsterdam [from their homeland Israel] ,where they were discovered and signed by Ronny Moorings of Clan Of Xymox , after having a chance meeting with Idan in Amsterdam. After listening to their recordings, Ronny immediately decided to sign Sophya to the clan's own label , 'Stitching Xymox Control'. It gave him the same sentiments like listening for the first time to the works of the early Cocteau Twins, Faith and the Muse , Curve and even The Sundays. "Sophya could have been a band on 4-AD roster in their heyday"....

Band Line-up:
  Idan Karutchi (Guitars, Synths, Samplers, Keyboards & Vocals)
  Sonja Rozenblum (Vocals, Keyboards, Programming)
  The Haze (Bass) - 2003  /  Shai Ledder (Bass) - 1996 -2002
  Contributors (Live/Studio): Hagai Shlezinger (Drums) , Eliad Wagner (Keyboard instruments, samplers).

 Sophya Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2000: The Age of Sophya audio

"A captivating expression of longing… a burning desire to belong and be at peace with oneself, highly intuitive yet never so revealing, "The Age of Sophya" seduces the emotion of a complex human condition, placing the present in touch with the future in a deep cover of Gothic grace…
(...) 'Pale Blue Moon' and 'Another Day' as the back to back opening tracks offer a brief look into the singular perspective of the self-examining singer, beckoning to the outside world from this subconsciously aware inner sanctum of refuge she's enveloped in. Soft, sensual, stimulating and sincere, there's an ethereal beauty, transcendent in its manner, soulful yet never sinful and a brisk walk through the lyrics tell of a fantastic journey within the resourceful minds at work here.
(...) Heavily embedded in synthesized arrangements, nearly new age in manner, the playfully seductive sampling adds the modern element here while not drawing away from the full color of the night, on display in its dazzling brilliance… "
-- Vinnie Apicella,

**** 2003: Dream

Tracklisting: 1-Never Again 2-The Dream I 3-Captive Beauty 4-Betrayed 5-Blossom 6-Restless Nights 7-Fear 8-Winter Signs (The Dream II) 9-The Slam 10-The Games They Play 11-God Made The Man

I capture this thin beauty by listening to you...
"If you ever wondered what a collaboration between The Clan's Ronny Moorings, and Cocteau Twins' vocalist Elizabeth Frazer and bassist Will Heggie would sound like, grab Sophya's Dream and wonder no more. Not that the trio of Sonja, Idan and The Haze, yield to clichés or sound like copycats of either, but they just manage to transport you to a period when 4AD ruled the darkwave scene, entrance you with the 'captivating beauty' that is their music, and keep you wanting more.
Introspective lyrics drenched in dark imagery (Love me or murder me is the same..., I'm skilled in the art of bleeding, skilled in the art of falling...) delivered by Sonja's spellbinding vocal capabilities, and Idan's undeniable synthetic and organic music talents. I can already picture the swaying bodies on smoky dancefloors wavering to the mesmerizing melodies.
Highlights include God Made The Man, The Dream I, Captive Beauty, Winter Signs, and Fear. Fans of early Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox and Faith and The Muse will rejoice.
Sophya, you sure captured this reviewer's attention!"
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 6/03

***¼ 2006: Third Wish audio

Tracklisting: 1.More 2.Fifty Four 3.A Crack In The Sky 4 A New Life Story 5.Orchidea 6.Third Wish part I 7.Faith 8.Transmission (Joy Division cover) 9.Stare 10.To Tears and Flowers 11.Sixteen Rings (for a memory) 12.Third Wish part II 13.To Tears and Flowers (remix by Tejo Bolten of Mecano)

"Now signed to Mutantjasz Records, a label owned by legendary Dutch post punk band members of MECANO in Holland, ethereal/goth outfit Sophya return with their Third offering, or their 'Third Wish' as they call it. The new album is also available in a special box (limited to 150 numbered copies only) with extra artwork, a special Sophya pin and more. Both the regular and Ltd album editions are comprised of 13 tracks including a cover of Joy Division's classic track Transmission, and a Mecano remix. Still maintaining the dark ethereal style reminiscent of the early 80's 4AD era, 'Third Wish' starts strong, fueled by the same level of inspiration that produced their first two records 'The Age of Sophya' and 'Dream', with three excellent back-to-back tracks More, Fifty Four, and A Crack In The Sky. Unfortunately, by the fourth track the album starts loosing steam, and slowly settles for the mediocre."
-- DJ Avalanche,, 11/06

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