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Star of Ash
( Heidi S. Tveitan)
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"Star Of Ash is the solo project of Heidi S. Tveitan aka Ihriel of the acclaimed experimental act Peccatum. The project also presents members of Emperor and Trickster G. (from Ulver) on vocals. The debut Iter Viator can be proclaimed as a poetic and graceful drama with melancholic arrangements by strings, keyboards, voices, echoing Current 93, Dead Can Dance and Craig Armstrong soundtracks."

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** ¾ 2002: Iter.Viatoraudio

Track Listing: 1. Chasm Blue 2. Sanies 3. Beautiful As Torment 4. Death Salutes Atropos 5. The Nudity Of Light 6. Odi Et Amo 7. In The Throws Of Guilt

"Star of Ash features Heidi (Ihriel) of Peccatum, members of Emperor (Ihsahn), and Trickster G. from Ulver. They present a plethora of music genres from orchestral strings to beating electronics. The mood of each song varies from the dark hopelessness of the midnight sky to the bright and shininess of the sun. Complementing all of this is Heidi's beautiful yet haunting vocals that are not too loud to override the instrumentals. It is definitely a gem to check out on Jester/The End Records. "
-- propheci,

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