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Strawberry Switchblade
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"Strawberry Switchblade are Rose McDowall and Jill Bryson. They dress alike, write songs together and no doubt fight over who gets to wear the black lace gloves tonight. (...) Their visually striking image made up of home-made polka dot dresses, stripes, ribbons, flowers and heavy make-up is something they've both been piling on for years. "When we were punks we were much more outrageous than this" says Rose. "We've toned it down".
-- Ben Hillier, Just Seventeen Magazine, 11/84

"The same Glasgow scene that gave us the Postcard record label and bands like Orange Juice, The Pastels, Primal Scream, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Aztec Camera gave us Strawberry Switchblade. For those who had the contradictory mix of self-consciousness and passion, of insecurity and fervour, the awkward, delicate, fragile confusion and paradox of bittersweet happy-sad pop was there.".
-- Merrick,, 03

 Strawberry Switchblade Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 1985: Strawberry Switchblade

Musicfolio picks: Since Yesterday, Go Away, Trees and Flowers, Deep Water

"The two gaudily clad ladies with straw flowers in their hair, Jill Bryson and Rose McDowall, are enlivening a pop scene, eternally geared toward the exotic, with a sunny Coup d'Esprit: colourful, breezy, funny, charming are the adjectives that flow around the heads of listeners when they play the first Strawberry Switchblade album.
Jill & Rose come from Glasgow and answer to the fairy-tale name of Strawberry Switchblade. Bright and unprejudiced, they twitter with their harmonic beat like butterflies over a meadow; and in doing so, touch not only on the fresh harmonies of the 60's (Mamas & Papas) but also on the insouciant, sparsely-instrumented music of early Velvet Underground.
The songs on Strawberry Switchblade bloom melodically, cheekily, childishly and rampant on the pulsating field of a complex beat instrumentation, whereby melancholy ballads in orotund pop clothing (with strings and oboes) alternate with quicker dance numbers (in the style of their hit 'Since Yesterday'). The singing stems from the tradition of the beat-girl groups (Shangri-Las), charged with a shot of pop shock à la B52s. Light pop music for a nightly stroll over fragrant asphalt
-- H. Inhulsen, Musik Express Sound, 5/85
-- translated by Karl Ritson

1999: Since Yesterday (re-issue of debut + extra tracks)

Tracklisting: 1. Since Yesterday 2. Deep Water 3. Another Day 4. Little River 5. James Orr Street 6. Let Her Go 7. Knows What Love Is? 8. Go Away 9. Secrets 10. Who Knows What Love Is? 11. Being Cold 12. Beautiful End 13. Poor Hearts 14. Ecstacy (Apple Of My Eye) 15. Jolene 16. Black Taxi 17. Trees And Flowers (Extended Mix) 18. Michael Who Walks By Night 19. Since Yesterday (Extended Mix) 20. I Can Feel
Reissue of the female new wave duo's sole 1985 album with nine bonus tracks.

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