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UK Goth Rock band, formed in 1993 and disbanded in 1997.
Matthew Carl Lucian - vocals & lyrics
Mark Tansley- guitars, keyboards

"Drawing on influences ranging from the late 70's techno experimentalists, through New Wave/New Romantic era to the classic, dancefloor goth of the mid 80's, Suspiria created a darkly alternative dancefloor sound for the 90's."

"The typical Suspiria formula consisted of a sumptuous mixture of turbulent synths and shimmering touches of guitar, wrapping itself sensually around the highly mannered vocals of Mark’s former frontman Matthew... Suspiria replaced the typical textured goth guitars with a far more flexible programmed equivalent, decorating the result with subtle doomy riffs to round out the sound."
-- Audioghoul Record Reviews

Post-Suspiria: after the break-up of Suspiria, Mark formed the electronic band Intra-Venus with vocalist Apollos.

 Suspiria Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1995: The Great And Secret Show audio

Track Listing: 1.Night Time 2. Silver 3.(Loved In) Emerald 4.Ease 5. Behind The Wheel 6.Dancefloor Tragedy (Travesty) 7. Assassin Soul (Analogue) 8.A Sinner Sins (Shameful) 9.Gods Take Dust (Gated) 10.You Bleed Me(Original)
Title Out of Print. See their 1997 remastered release Primitive Attentions.

***½ 1997: Drama audio
Track Listing: 1.Dispassion 2.(Now, we see) The Swine (Audio Clip) 3.Suitable 4.Awfully Sinister 5.The Far Heavens 6.All In Pieces 7.Glitter 8. The Frozen Ones 9.Olympian (In Ivory) 10.Exclusive 11.Treacher Song 12.Heroine Elect.

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***¾ 1997: Primitive Attentions
Track Listing: 1.Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy 2.Night Time 3.Assassin Soul 4.You Bleed Me (909th Dry Mix) 5.Gods Take Dust (Loved In) 6.Emerald 7.A Sinner Sins 8.Behind The Wheel (II) 9.Assassin Soul (Chamber) 10.Night Time (Dub) 11.Ease (Waldorf) 12.A Sinner Sins (Gated) 13.(Loved In) Emerald (Electro) 14.Dancefloor Tragedy (Version)

"Primitive Attentions is a digitally remastered collection of the tracks originally on the ‘Tragedy’ EP (1994) and ‘The Great And Secret Show’ CD (1995) along with a few previously unreleased mixes put down at the same time. The initial recordings are out of print, but were originally released on Nightbreed Records in the UK.

**** 1998: Dancefloor Tragedy: The Best of Suspiria audio
"This US-only release collection includes practically everything you need to know about Suspiria, capturing their best tracks from their two albums 'The Great And Secret Show' and 'Drama' released respectively in 1995 and 1997. The CD includes also three new song remixes: Far Heavens (Remix), Goodbye 70's (Club Mix) and Treacher Song (Toxic).
If Depeche Mode meets The Sisters of Mercy is your thing, then Suspiria - and specifically this Best of compilation- is for you. Matthew has a velvety low voice perfectly suitable for the goth image this band conveys, and Mark's infectious synthesized arrangements are reminiscent of early 80s electro-goth. Behind The Wheel is obviously a Depeche Mode cover, while Goodbye 70's is Suspiria's tribute to Yazoo.
Musicfolio Picks: Allegedly Dancefloor Tragedy, You Bleed Me, The Swine, Assassin Soul."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 2/03

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