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How To Play On Electric Guitar

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Learn How To Play The Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is the dream of almost every kid to become an electric guitarist in the future. However, playing the electric guitar is not a piece of cake. Here are some things which you should consider regarding how to play Electric guitar:

1. Buy the right kind of guitar:

Electric guitar comes in all kinds of price ranges. Most people have a perception that they will learn with a cheaper one and when they become an expert, they will buy an expensive guitar. However, that is a completely wrong strategy. The problem with cheap electric guitars is that the strings are at a distance from the fretboard, which means you will have to apply a lot of pressure to get the desired sound. This will result in sore fingers which as a beginner is very annoying. Hence, your first guitar should be a good one. That doesn’t mean you will have to buy the most expensive one in the showroom but it shouldn’t be the cheapest one as well.

2. Start With The Basics:

When you buy an electric guitar for the first time, there will be a temptation to start playing Jimi Hendrix songs instantly. However, you will have to stay patient. Initially, you will have to start with the basic notes and learn about music theory. It is a step by step process. You can’t just skip a step and leap forward.

3. Practice:

In order to be a top guitarist, there is no shortcut actually, You will have to just keep on practicing until your fingers start moving automatically. Each day, you will have to give a minimum of 30 minutes for practice. In electric guitar, there is a lot of finger movements involved. Once you develop the muscle memory, you will be able to focus more on the rhythm.

4. Use The Wrist:

A common mistake which many beginners make is that they strum the guitar using their entire hand. However, you will have to just move your forearm and your wrist. If you use your entire hand, then you will have to exert a lot of energy and you won’t be able to play for long.

5. Find Some Motivation:

You will have to search for some motivation so that you stay focused on your path. When you pick up the guitar for the first time, you will feel great. But after a few days of sore fingers, you will gradually start losing interest and eventually give up. The initial few days of learning is the most important phase for a guitarist. If you can stay motivated during this phase, then you are on the right track.


6. Learn The Basics Properly:

When you first start playing the guitar, you should make sure that you are playing each note perfectly. Also, keep in mind that you are using the right finger and the right scales. From the angle of your arm to the positioning of your guitar-everything needs to be perfect. Of course, it also depends a lot on personal comfort. However, make sure that you are not happy with a note which doesn’t sound very clear and could have been better.

7. Play Entire Songs:

This is also a very common mistake which beginners make. Many people have the tendency to play just the favorite part of their song. However, everyone will prefer listening to an entire song. Watch how the song unfolds and observe the changes in the tempo. Unless you play entire songs, you will not be able to perfect your basics.

8. Practice With Other Guitarists:

There is a very popular saying that the best friend of a guitarist is always another guitarist. Play with other musicians because everyone has their own unique style and some of them may also be able to influence you. Try maintaining the rhythm of the song while another plays the lead.

9. Listen To Music:

In your learning phase, make sure that you listen to as many songs as possible. Don’t just listen to songs of your favorite genre; explore various genres. While listening, try to pick up each note of the guitar and figure out whether the musician is making any mistake or not.