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There is a black shadow
Passing over me
And it's at that moment
When you regret
Ever thinking in the dark
-- Audra
(Bart and Bret Helm)
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"(...) The vocals of Bret Helm paint vividly dark and desolate images upon the mind. Where Bret intoxicates the listener with voice, Bart invites and manipulates with guitar. At times decimated and subdued, or as in, Spiked With Black and Rum, searing and raping. His performance motivates and illustrates each track poignantly. The lyrics taunt and sway from passionate to mischievous, as they underscore the atmosphere of goth culture. Sexual intensity, social inadequacies, and abandonment never so eloquently portrayed as it is upon this disc. (...)
Audra's debut, through superb engineering, intelligent writing, and incredible talent, forces new breath into paling goth posturing. Each song is a dynamic exploitation of emotion that will not leave the listener unscathed. The music is uniquely their own, and it will leave its wounds upon your soul. "
Haloe Productions

 Audra Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 2000: Audra audio

"The new faces of the goth scene--bring us 12 songs fraught with introspective lyrics about death, love and Rozz. The core of this band are the brothers Helm. Bart handles all the guitar and programming while his sibling Bret rounds out the musical spectrum, holding down the low end by playing bass, in addition to singing. This band is not the typical band we all are used to seeing on the Projekt label. But nonetheless, they are still a good fit. Audra's music is melodic, well-conceived, and a good listen. The guitar lines are subtle and clean. Not all darkwave bands need to use distorted instruments to get their point across and Bart's work is an excellent example."
Musicfolio picks: In All Our Androgyny, In Hollywood Tonight, You're So Pretty
-- Christopher David, The Sentimentalist Magazine Issue 5

***¼ 2002: Going to the Theatre audio

"Going to the Theatre (the second full-length release from Arizona-based brothers Bret and Bart Helm) presents ten snapshots of characters confronting the images and experiences that fuel their passage from child to adult, from innocent to debased. Between the sultry cabaret grind of Midnight Moon Swing and the sullen, lonely guitar of Don't End This Time, Audra leads their audience on a stirring and shimmering journey through a landscape of innocence and its loss. Excitement clashes with sorrow, joy with fear, creating a dark, seductive and mesmerizing experience. "

2009: Everything Changes

Tracklisting: 1. 100 Years Old 2. Everything Changes 3. What's Meant To Be 4. I Just Can't Let Go 5. Jason And The Doors 6. Ocean 7. Life On This Planet 8. Plastic Horses 9. Silver Music 10. Syd Barrett

Release date: May 19, 2009


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