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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Line -up:
Chris McCarter: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dino Molinaro: bass
Anthony Griffiths: guitars, vocals

David Burns: Drums
Michael Carrodus: vocals (1991 - 1997)

"Melbourne based IKON formed in 1991 from the ashes of Death In The Dark, make a striking blend of Gothic/Darkwave music, following in the footsteps of Joy Division and early New Order with a touch of Death In June. The four piece band have become known as Australia's biggest Gothic export. To date, IKON have played extensively in Australia as well as Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark alongside bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Him, London After Midnight, Soft Cell, Death In June and The Cruxshadows.

 IKON Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1994: In The Shadow of the Angelaudio

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***¾ 1995: A Moment In Timeaudio
"Charging out of the gate like it was 1979 again, Ikon makes goth music that strongly brings to mind the originators of the genre. From Bauhaus to Joy Division to the Legendary Pink Dots, Ikon sounds a whole lot like all of those bands. The only problem is where those bands were taking great pop songs and twisting them into depressing ditties, Ikon simply skips the song part and jumps strait into the glum rock. The resulting effort is a great sounding record filled with all sorts of atmospheric guitar work and droning music, but lacking the essential structure to be as catchy as their forefathers."
-- Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

***½ 1996: Flowers for the Gatheringaudio
"1997's 'Flowers for the Gathering' stands among the best new works in the genre of Gothic Rock. Ikon's dark approach to music is much along the same lines as Rosetta Stone, prime Mission UK, and Eldritch's Sisters, but also includes the classic mournful qualities of Joy Division. "
-- Metropolis Records

*** 1998: This Quiet Earth audio
"After a hiatus of two years, the Australian band Ikon has returned with a strong new CD that both retains the sound of former albums, but also explores new musical possibilities. Following the recent departure of vocalist Michael Carrodus, the band has been reduced to a duo, with songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Chris McCarter stepping up to the microphone, and, with the aid of subtle effects, delivering a solid vocal performance throughout the album. Perhaps as a consequence of this development, the reliance on keyboards on This Quiet Earth is more pronounced than in the past, and while Ikon forges ahead with an energy and emotive quality all their own, the sound on this CD is to some extent indebted to the synth/goth of the 1980s. (...) The album's first three songs, along with Ghost In My Headand Voice Of The Sun are all of the before mentioned electronic design, with expansive thematic layers of synths, and dynamic, processed beats. Subversion is particularly inspired and catchy, with McCarter's soaring vocal performance being carried on the rushing waves of keyboards and underlying current of rhythmic bass chords. The swirling synth harmonies and throbbing techno beats on Ghost In My Head, and the spacey effects applied to the vocals on Voice Of The Sun, become almost too insistent, but these are still good tracks for the dance floors, and are not enough to upset the otherwise strong balance of the CD."
***¼ 2001: On the Edge of Foreveraudio
"Gone are the pathetic vocal imitations of Joy Division and the watery thin instrumental tones of albums past. On this record, Ikon sounds much more innovative, finding their style to be a rough combination of Paradise Lost's guitar melodies and The Swans’ male vocals. Thus, they have wisely chosen to avoid the usual much overused (and often laughable) Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy cloned playing style that is favored by so many Goth bands. Unfortunately, there is an element of sameness running through most of the songs, but just when things start to seem redundant, an excellent guitar fill is thrown in that completely draws you back to the music. Also, though the vocals are not the most varied, they are well performed in a deep yet melodic style that would fit perfectly in The Swans’ music."

***½ 2003: From Angels to Ashes 1997-2003
Tracklisting: 1.Fall Apart (new version) 2.In Trust I Return (acoustic version) 3.The Disappeared 4.Subversion (new version) 5.Ghost In My Head (new version) 6.Reality Is Lost (new version) 7.Lifeless (new version) 8.The Shallow Sea (alternative version) 9.Elohim 10.Blue Snow Red Rain (alternative version) 11.As Night Falls 12.Afterlife 13.Scorpio Rising (new song) 14.The Golden Dawn (new song)
"Ikon is one of the better Goth bands to come from the land of Australia, and have gone through a sort of evolutionary process with their sound. From Angels to Ashes is a compilation of songs spanning 1997-2003, including refined versions of older tracks, alternate versions, and previously unreleased pieces. The overall sound is rounded bass and mellow rhythms, with many rich melodies and lush guitar. 'From Angels to Ashes' presents a comfortable mix of songs to calm stormy souls. (...) Ikon's 'From Angels to Ashes' is an ideal disc for folks unfamiliar with their music, and for those who want to collect the unreleased tracks and revised recordings. Most songs on this release have been changed or edited somehow, or were previously unreleased, so it doesn't carry the typical "best of" rehash sound. It sounds new, yet familiar."
-- Laura B., Sublevel203

2005: Destroying the World to Save it audio
Tracklisting: 01. Never Forgive Never Forget 02. Thy Dying Crown 03. Without Shadows 04. God Has Fallen... 05. Psychic Vampire 06. Father Of Lies 07. Ashes Of Blue 08. Rome 09. My Crucible 10. Heresy 11. Slaughtor 12. Path Of The Unknown 13. The Black Goat Of Judas

"Australia's premier Gothic/Darkwave act returns. Hot on the heels of a successful EP ('Psychic Vampire'), IKON brings forth their first full-length album since 2001. 'Destroying the World to Save It' offers thirteen tracks on the regular CD, which showcase intricate and creative songwriting, and offer a refreshing sound for the band. The overall production and sonic quality is the best yet from IKON, thanks in part to mastering by the talented engineer Ted Phelps. With songs such as Rome and Without Shadows they pick up the thread of club hits like Condemnation. Many of the tracks on this release will certainly please existing IKON followers, whereas others (such as Psychic Vampire), could be a Darkwave hit in any modern Goth club, and will surely bring in a whole new generation of adoring fans! 'Destroying the World to Save It', with its dark melodies and moody guitars, will please those who yearn for a sound once made popular by artists such as Joy Division, The Cure, Death In June, and more."

***¼ 2009: Love Hate and Sorrow
Tracklisting: 01. A Line On A Dark Day 02. Before The Dawn 03. Torn Apart 04. Memoirs Of A Butterfly 05. Winter Mourning 06. Beautiful Sadness 07. Amongst The Runes 08. Love, Hate And Sorrow 09. Dead Man Tomorrow 10. All Depths Of Despair 11. Point Of No Return 12. Driftwood

"While it retains IKON’s signature rock elements and the essence of influences such as Joy Division, early New Order and Death in June, the collection of twelve songs is as sonically diverse as the emotions represented in the album’s title. 'Love, Hate and Sorrow' is the culmination of three years of writing and recording, and contains twelve of the strongest tracks from more than thirty that were created during the album sessions. Black Magazine named the first single, A Line on a Dark Day, as the second-best song of 2008. Music journalist Mick Mercer called IKON “pioneers” and acclaimed Amongst the Runes as a “pure dreamy wave cut”. The next single from the album—the band’s nineteenth single release— will be Torn Apart, a slower track which, in its simplicity and raw emotion, marks a departure from the powerful guitar-based club tracks for which IKON is renowned. This is the first IKON recording to feature the line-up of Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming), Dino Molinaro (bass) and Anthony Cornish (guitar). "

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