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Line-up (2004):
Vocals – Stephanie Luzie
Bass – Roland Wurzer
Drums – Moritz Neuner
Keyboards – Raphael Lepuschitz
Guitars – Mathias Nussbaum

"Quality, consistency - words which could easily characterize Napalm Records and one of their newest releases, the gothic-fused Darkwell. Suspiria has that same chugging, melancholic persistence of quality that always made bands like Theatre of Tragedy (until recently), or Lacuna Coil so listenable. Hailing from Austria, the band owes much of its musical style and approach to the aforementioned Tragedy, along with other Napalm mainstays like Tristania. Delectable female vocals, with absent male death vocals, is what makes Darkwell sound so fresh, yet so familiar. Alexandria’s vocals are a tender mix between Tragedy’s Liv Kristine and the Cranberries alto Celtic croons. Strangely enough, musically Suspiria has hints of Septic Flesh’s A Fallen Temple permeating throughout its blood, which gives it that doomy, crisp Greek crunch. There is even a mini-opera/concept found in the middle, entitled "Two Souls Creature Trilogy," not to mention a trippy Aldo Nova-ish keyboard intro to "Ladies’ Choice." Throughout the entire album, there is a persistent backdrop of 80’s darkwave sound, which gives the band a slightly different flavor than most. Since Alexandria’s vocals refrain from operatic soprano-land, they rarely grate the listener and provide for a fluid, enjoyable listen, which neither shocks nor surprises one’s expectations for gothic doom metal. Like Mandylion-era Gathering, Darkwell has an opposing propulsive gloomy energy, instead of the melancholic, sometimes lethargic, energy of most Norwegian or British doom acts. There is no definitive song on Suspiria, (maybe 'Realm of Darkness) the album is to be listened to as a whole, which may strike some as negative. It would be quite banal for Darkwellto worry however, since it affirms the bands commitment to consistency, quality and overall listenability. Gothic metal and 80’s darkwave fans rejoice! "
-- Jason Hundey,

 Darkwell Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2000: Suspiriaaudio

"This really is the sort of metal, well gothic-metal, I can enjoy, no harsh male grunting and huffing and puffing. In its place we have the angelic voice of Alexandra Pittracher that compliments the hard, aggressive music in an excellent way. To have some sort of reference what Darkwell sounds like, just think Nightwish. Chances are, if you like one, you'll like the other. Both bands have taken hold of the idea that classically trained female vocalists and brutal tunes, along with classical elements such as violins (and organs), makes really good music. As an album Suspiria does not lack in speed or variation and though the production could have been better, the length of the record feels just about right and the songs are of high even quality. (...) This being the first album by this Austrian band, Suspiria makes for a very impressive debut. "
--Andreas Ahlgren,, 1/01

2002: Conflict of Interest (EP)audio
1- Conflict Of Interest 2- Thy Curse 3- Elisabetha 4- The Crucibel 5- Twist In My Sobriety 6- TSC II The Salvation (Live) 7- Realm Of Darkness (Live) 8- Multimedia Track

2004: Metat[r]onaudio
01. Fate Prisoner 02. Strange 03. Metatron 04. Crown of Thorn 05. The Machine 06. Hope Unborn 07. Nothingness 08. Far Cry 09. Last Glance
"This is the third album of Darkwell and the first one after the departure of female vocalist Alexandra. (...) New singer Stephanie Luzie is not bad, but her repetitive oh's and aah's sometimes irritate me. (...) The music is traditional gothic metal based on dominating keyboards, without underrating the heavy guitars. Fate Prisoner and Strange are catchy tunes with high pitched siren vocals, surrounded by crusty guitars, fluent keyboard melodies and some striking accelerations. Title-track Metat®on has more impact because of its melancholy mood and better vocal-lines. In the beginning of Crown Of Thorn one can perceive some folk influences, but it soon turns out to be another modal gothic track. The Machine has any mechanical, industrial elements, as we can presume from the title. (...) It is mediocre gothic metal without remarkable facts or surprises ... I doubt if they will catch the attention in the glutted market."
-- lezerspagina,


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