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Edge of Dawn
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Line up:
Frank Spinath (vocals)
Mario Schumacher (programming, lyrics)

"Seldom does a band achieve such great praise far before it’s first release, purely based on a promo DJ CD - and even more seldom does the musical quality stay so high. Musically set somewhere between Covenant, old Lassigue Bendthaus and Seabound the music of Edge Of Dawn sounds like it was created by a veteran of the dark electronic scene - but is actually the brainchild of programmer Mario Schumacher's. After a year of working on tracks, Mario decided the pieces needed a vocalist, and recruited none other than Seabound frontman Frank Spinath. What started out as a temporary guest vocalist position became, on account of the chemistry between music and vocal, an ongoing arrangement, and Schumacher and Spinath became bandmembers. Since then, Edge Of dawn have become one of Germany's hottest underground tips for intelligent electro."

 Edge of Dawn Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¾ 2005: The Flight [Lux] (EP) audio

Tracklisting: 1. Losing Ground 2. Flight 3. Elegance 4. Losing Ground [Nils Schulte Remix] 5. Descent 6. Flight [Autoaggression Remix] 7. Find a Way Out 8. Flight [Iris Remix] 9. Descent (Reprise)

"Losing ground is what it takes—if you really want to fly… that's the first line of the chorus of Losing Ground—slightly poppy, if not downright optimistic. The encouragement to leave the ground beneath one's feet and take off to the skies in flight, garnished with the optimism of traditional, positive synthpop would seem to set an unthreatening tone. But the next track delivers quite the opposite: 'The Flight [Lux]' tells the story of the Russian Witali Kalojew, who loses his wife and two children in an air traffic control-related plane crash. Kalojew flies immediately to the scene and is taken to the crash site, where he finds the body of his own daughter. One and a half year later, the air traffic control operator responsible for the accident is found murdered in his house in Switzerland, the victim of multiple stab wounds. Witali Kalojew is arrested in a hotel just blocks away, having just recently checked in."
"Edge Of dawn have become one of Germany's hottest underground tips for intelligent electro not only for tracks such as the clubhit The Flight (Lux) but also for the grandiose, solemn Descent, a breathtaking piece that truly deserves the two seemingly opposing descriptions of "organic" and "electronic". This first stunning maxi release comes complete with 9 tracks (6 different songs and 3 remixes) and a near full length album running time."

***½ 2007: Enjoy The Fall audio

Tracklisting: 01. All Coordinates Are Wrong 02. Black Heart 03. Damage 04. The Flight [Lux] (Version) 05. Descent (Version) 06. Beauty Lies Within 07. Pray For Love 08. Chamber Six 09. Elegance (Version) 10. The Nightmare I Am 11. Isolation 12. What If

"This duo came to my attention some sixteen odd months ago with their debut single The Flight, a song about the murder of a Swiss air traffic controller by a Russian man who blamed him for the death of his family in an air collision. The Flight is contained here, but the focus has changed from the original concept. Although the lyrics are the same, the song is now part of a concept album that tracks a sexual relationship that ends in tragedy. Luckily the lyrics fit well as they were about the feelings of the protaganist rather describing events. The album on the whole is a good mix between club oriented tracks and slower ballads, although not the overblown type of the mainstream. The Flight is joined by the likes of Black Heart on the club side of things, whilst tracks like Descent and Beauty Within allow the duo space to slow things down, add some intricate playing and allow Spinath some time to actually sing. On these slower tracks, the duo sound almost De/Vision-like. Schumacher and Spinath have spent the time since their single release wisely, honing their songwriting skills (although to be fair, there wasn’t much wrong with it in the first place). What they have finally presented is a confident and quality album that should find a home in the collection of anyone who likes decent synth music that mixes beats with melody."
-- Si Wooldridge,, 05/07

***¾ 2010: Anything That Gets You Through The Night

Tracklisting: 01. Beyond The Gate 02. Denial 03. Lucid Dreams 04. Valid World 05. Siren´s Call 06. All The Time 07. Stage Fright 08. Capture 09. In Your Sleep 10. Save My Soul 11. Falling 12. Capsized
Musicfolio picks: All the time, Siren's Call, Save My Soul, stage Fright
"After making a powerful first impression with their debut 'Enjoy the Fall', German duo Edge of Dawn have taken a full three years for the follow-up and it has paid off: 'Anything that gets you through the Night' is not just an immediately electrifying collection of twelve spankingly catchy tunes, it is also a work of considerable depth and frightening intensity which reveals all the love for detail that has gone into every bar of music. While producer Mario Schumacher has considerably enriched his vocabulary, spicing up arrangements with orchestral elements, acoustic drums and a plethora of carefully intertwined vocals, his congenial partner Frank Spinath, who also fronts Seabound, has dived deep into his personal pool of metaphors and dreams to deliver some of his most haunting and multilayered lyrics. The result is an album that twitches and twists with ambition, while all the same providing the instant satisfaction only pure and entirely unironic Pop can provide. It therefore goes without saying that the title of 'Anything that gets you through the Night' is not a reference to club culture - but a question of life and death for them."
-- Tobias Fischer,, 5/10

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