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Black leather and silver crosses
That seems like bloody blasphemy to me
-- Myers Flat, Beborn Beton
Beborn Beton

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- Stefan Netschio: lead singer, lyrics
- Stefan Tillmann: keyboards, programming, drums
- Michael B. Wagner: keyboards, programming

"Beborn Beton was originally conceived in 1989 by long time friends and music enthusiasts Stefan Tillmann and Michael Wagner. With heavy influences from the bands of the eighties, Beborn Beton set out to expand and modernize the sounds of their once heroes. Shortly after Till and Michael joined forces, the then duo, set out to further develop their new endeavor. The result, brought the addition of the final member, former schoolmate Stefan Netschio to assume the role of lead vocals.
Since their formation, the trio has remained intact and to date have released 5 albums, a remix album and several singles including the megahit Another World which spent several weeks on top of European and American club and radio charts."
--, 2002

 Beborn Beton Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1993: Tybalt

Although formed in 1989, Beborn Beton only signed a record label deal later in 1992 with Subway Records and released their first full-length album Tybalt. Tybalt consisted of a selection of 13 songs taken from their earlier recordings: Pyre (89), Scythe (91), and Stahlbetontortour (92), all self-released tapes on their label BetonMusique. Tybalt was then digitally remastered re-released later in 1997 on DarkStar Records, and this time it included three extra tracks taken from their earlier tape recordings: Despair, The 7th Trombone, and Tybalt.

1994: Concrete Ground

"This is the second album to be released by German synth-pop band Beborn Beton. The album originally came out in 1994. It has been digitally remastered and re-released. Of all of the Beborn Beton albums so far, this is my least favorite. (...) You basically get twelve original songs on this album. Of the twelve I really like Lost Little Robot, No Promise, Bountyhunter, Encounting and Finally. These five songs are traditional Beborn Beton with smooth and energetic electronic sequencing, melodic synths and rapid fire drum programming combined with clean harmony driven deep accented male singing. Some have dance floor energy rhythms and beats while others are a little more relaxed with harmony. The other seven songs here just aren't that interesting. They just don't sound finished or polished."
-- Darklight,

***½ 1996: NightFall

   Mistakes that are made steer us into
   A corporate grave - genetic alteration
   Night after night I keep dreaming
   Burned out children won’t play anymore
   Blown away and the wind takes their ashes ashore
Their final destination .   -- Earth
"The german Beborn Beton have been signed on Strange Ways Records on which they here released their best cd ever. Pretty well produced delightful tunes gathering emotional vovals and rhymed melodious catchy electronics. Rooted in the EBM movement, our Beton-heads steadily sharpened their best assets, bringing them closer and closer to the synth pop movement. And I must say that with such an excelent album they shoul not fear freezing too long in the shadow of their label mates that are De/Vision or yet Wolfsheim since they definetely gather all the qualities to perfectly rival with such recognized names. Excellent and highly recommended. "
-- Side-Line, 7/96

* **½ 1997: Truth

"Truth is Beborn Beton’s 4th full length CD and shows the band’s masterful ability to meld together several elements of electronic dance music. From track one, Spawn, you will immediately be drawn into their music, which consists of IDM type sequences, enrapturing vocals, and a vibrating rhythm line. Another World, the first single from Truth, points the bands music more towards synth-pop, yet is still retains a quivering rhythm and substantial beats, making it a perfect dance track. Stefan’s vocals are delivered smoothly and are 100% free of distortion. Piquing sequences and hurried vocals are overt on Conspiracy, a track which deals with the hidden truths that we are all a part of. A mixture of IDM, cyber electro and synth-pop electronics are perfectly blended on Angel One. Also present is the familiar X-Files type whistle sound, which always seems to add mystery to any musical piece. A catchy, extraterrestrial based piece, New Born King, is driven by the sharp sequences and a rolling beat. Bittersweet is a track in which the hard rhythm and samples are electro based, the beats are EBM based, the sequences are entangling, and the vocals are soft and mesmerizing. This is a track that has it all. A semi techo-ish beat is submerged beneath a palpitating rhythm and crisp vocals on Game of Fools. Stranger begins as a slow, mellow piece, but quickly switches gears and becomes a full on aggressive dance piece, complete with a near gabba beat and wet synth lines."
-- The Industrial Bible reviews

** *¼ 1999: Fake

"Poison is a track giving new meaning to the adjective cool, both lyric- and soundwise. A sneaking low verse transforms into a hyperelectronic, moody chorus. The rest of 'Fake' is calmer, using pure song strength as its weapon. All ten songs are good, but only Poison and Vorbei can be labelled uptempo, a description that fits most of the band's earlier works. I'm impressed by the production and the great singing of Stefan Netschio, as well as the musically talented Michael Wagner and Stefan Tillmann. Further, Forever is a beautiful ballad, Phoenix a cold, electrifying midtempo track and The Only Fool the coolest of closing themes. But something is missing. Something I'm having a hard time pinpointing. Maybe some of the songs are too alike, maybe it's because they've decided to include an, in my eyes, unnecessary bonus remix-CD with the first 3000 copies of the album. This disc holds alternative versions to some of the album songs, but they are exclusively worse than the originals."
-- Niklas Forsberg,, 10/99

2000: Rückkehr zum Eisplaneten

Remixes of Beborn songs with german lyrics. Remixers include Eskil Simonsson of Covenant, Stephan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, Heiko Maile of Camouflage, Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Cleaner), Sascha Mario Klein of Neuroticfish, and Infam. Several of these remixes will re-appear on the U.S release 'Tales from Another World' in 2001.

****2001: Tales From Another World
"The album features sixteen classic Beborn Beton tracks, three of which have been re-recorded from scratch, newly mixed and produced by Beborn Beton themselves. More than seventy minutes of fine timeless electronic pop music including the club hits Another World, Poison and The Colour Of Love. This unique collection includes a bonus CD containing thirteen highly danceable remixes produced by musical mates such as Heiko Maile of Camouflage, Stephan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, Eskil Simonsson of Covenant, Thomas Gerrit of Funker Vogt, Rodney Orpheus of Cassandra Complex as well as US producers and remixers Francis A. Preve and Greg Rule to mention a few.This compilation comes with an affectionately designed 20 page four colour booklet featuring lyrics and extensive liner notes from the band itself. "
press release

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