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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
- Robert Enforsen (vox)

- Leslie Bayne (synth/drums)
- Richard Jomshof (synth)
- Johan Malmgren (synth/b-vox)

"elegant MACHINERY is one of the most popular synthpop bands ever to grow out of Sweden and Scandinavia. Influenced by electronic bands like Depeche Mode, Human League and Yazoo, the band started out in 1988 with a goal to make music the way it was made in the early 80's: pop music based on synthesizers. Johan and Richard doing an interview for Swedish television, november 1997 Since the release of the debut album 'Degraded Faces' in 1991, and with the 1993 album 'Shattered Grounds' and the 1996 album 'Yesterday Man', elegant MACHINERY has grown in popularity and managed to maintain a faithful group of fans all over the world. (...) Today elegant MACHINERY is not only influenced by the music of the early 80's, but also by indie and electro acts like Goldfrapp, IAMX, Ladytron, The Knife, Placebo, The Bravery, The Killers, Gabriel & Dresden, etc. Trying to combine the electronic scene of the 80's with the music of today, elegant MACHINERY is definately making music for the future, as well as for the past."
-- bio
Somehow, Swedish synthpop bands manage to take analog synths, and make them sing. elegant MACHINERY is a perfect example, with very old-style synths, and oldish sounding drum machines. The ability to write great pop songs is icing on the cake, which eM possesses in copious quantities. Every song has a chorus hook that'll hang onto you for days.
-- Jason Baker, Synthpop Slice Of The Web

 elegant MACHINERY Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1991: Degraded Faces

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1993: Shattered Grounds

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1996: Yesterday Man

"The overall sound of elegant MACHINERY is reminiscent of eighties synth-pop, but with the added influences of modern technology. 'Yesterday Man' is packed with light-hearted synth patterns, blissful vocals, and docile beats. Standout tracks include Save Me, a catchy little ditty with addictive lyrics and a danceable beat, Fading Away an upbeat and whimsical song with catchy sequences aligned with melodic vocals, Blind Man Dreams which showcases Robert's great vocal control, and Entwined with its solid and steady beat and driving vocals. Each and every track on 'Yesterday Man' has something going for it, whether it is the synths, the beats, or the vocals. This album is almost nostalgic in that it brings back the nearly forgotten sounds of the hey day of synth-pop.
-- Dachar, Industrial Bible, 07

* **¾ 2008: A Soft Exchange

Tracklisting:1. With Grace 2. Move 3. Do You Know 4. A Soft Exchange 5. Feel the Silence 6. Path of Angle (Instrumental) 7. Bleeding Words 8. Hold On 9. Firm 10. Is This the Way
"First you get one single (Feel the Silence), then another one (Move) to shorten the waiting time, but in fact they made it all the more harder to wait for the first new ELEGANT MACHINERY album in 12 years. The new disc starts with With Grace in the typical analogue synth sequences and melodies, carried by the warm voice of Robert Enforsen. It’s as if they just picked up, where they left off. Still the sound is rooted in the 80s, only that everything’s sounding fresher. Move still paints a smile into my face and is more than just an invitation to enter the dance floor, actually it’s an order you can’t resist. To the next track, guided by softer beats and wonderful melancholic layers it’s most likely that you get carried away by its atmosphere. The chorus demands you to sing along with it and that won’t be a problem after you’ve heard the song once or twice. The title track 'A Soft Exchange' transports a feeling of contentedness and strength that’s able to take all the bad feelings away in no time. After the well-known Feel the Silence comes a short instrumental piece that’s pleasing with many analogue sound gadgets and a robot spells every single letter of the band name throughout the track. Melancholy, lots of melancholy is in the air during Bleeding Words. Besides the omnipresent dance beat, the band unleashes warm showers of synth layers and in combination with the vocals the song considerably increases its intensity!"
-- Sebastian Huhn,, 12/08

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