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You are dancing to the sound of deception
A product that we have designed
-- Darkness/Influence
(Sascha Mario Klein)
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"Neuroticfish is a one man project out of Germany. Sascha Mario Klein has been making music since the early nineties. He describes his music as industrial synthpop and states influences both from 80's synthpop (especially Depeche Mode) and harder industrial and EBM sounds, although earlier projects were in a more traditionally gothic genre. Neuroticfish features English lyrics and very danceable beats. The full length release, ' No Instruments' was released in 1999. Receiving ever more club play include the songs Velocity (one of the more industrial/heavy electro tunes), Skin, and Music for a Paranormal Life. These singles are also found on various synthpop and electro compilations. A popular remix by Neuroticfish is Beborn Beton's In Innern einer Frau (fish mix) "
-- KaosQueen,

 Neuroticfish Discography - Album / CD Reviews

*** 1999: No Instruments

Track Listing: 01. Close 02. Unexpected 03. Skin 04. Black Again 05. Pain 06. Inside 07. Mechanic and the Sequence 08. M.F.A.P.L. 09. Breaking the Cliche 10. Hospitality 11. War 12. Ultrahymn. Bonus Tracks: 13. M.F.A.P.L. (Intelligent Tribal Freak Mix) 14. All I say

"Shedding similarities to VNV Nation and other 'big names' that might have been held against the band earlier, they deliver a solid album with perfect balance of sweet yet melancholic and interesting melodies that mix both synthpop and darker electronic sound. Simple melodies with clean vocals full of infinite sadness and noble grace, addictive lyrics, highly danceable sound with multitude of strings and soft key arrangements all come together in one strong mix that could easily rival biggest names in the genre."
-- Anton,, 5/00

2001: Sushi (EP) audio

Includes all songs/remixes from their three singles/EPs: Wake Me Up, Velocity and M.F.A.P.L, as well as the previously unreleased song Care.

***½ 2002: Les Chansons Neurotiques audio
Track Listing: 01. Startup 02. Reinvent The Pain 03. Waste 04. Prostitute 05. Wake Me Up 06. Modulator 07. Breakdown 08. Darkness/Influence 09. Stop & Go 10. It´s Not Me 11. Inverse 12. Need. Bonus Track: Velocity N2

"Sascha Mario Klein - mastermind and only member of Neuroticfish - has put together another explosive 12 track CD drenched in voracious electro-pop sensibility, a balanced amalgamate of synthpop and EBM (although the 4th track Prostitute opens with the ironic statement: "EBM is dead"!). 'Les Chansons Neurotiques' (french for Neurotic Songs) offers an equal dose of high energy dancefloor hits and mellower low-key melodic songs. Naturally, echoes of Depeche Mode resonate across all Neuroticfish songs, just like many other future-pop artists. Similarities might be drawn to acts like Fictional, Seabound or De/Vision.
Musicfolio picks: Reinvent the Pain, Prostitute, Wake me Up."
-- DJ Avalanche,, 8/02

*** 2005: Gelbaudio
Track Listing: 01. Loading... 02. Why Don't You Hate Me? 03. The Bomb 04. I Don't Need The City 05. I Never Chose You 06. Waving Hands 07. Short Commercial Break 08. Ich Spure Keinen Schmerz 09. Are You Alive? 10. You're The Fool 11. Solid You 12. They're Coming To Take Me Away 13. Suffocating Right

"... It is indeed a shame, then, that 'Gelb' does not realise its glorious goal. The prequel single, The Bomb, remains a highlight of last year, but that can not take away the undisputable fact that the album comes across as quite bland. Neuroticfish have gotten away with using euro techno and trance elements before, simply because of the raw power and the songs themselves, but 'Gelb', in all its BPM crazed techno beats, loses focus of what is important. Most, if not all, of the tracks have instant dance appeal, like I said, Klein has the touch, but it seems he has toned down the pop song aspect of those compositions in favour of long, repetitive instrumental excursions. Nothing on 'Gelb' is even close to being bad, but some of it, large portions in fact, seem like waste of talent."
-- Niklas Forsberg,, 2/05


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