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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Gerrit Thomas - music, programming, vocals
Tim Fockenbrock - vocals (1999)
Jason Bainbridge - vocals (2001 - 2003)
Contributor: Kai Schmidt - lyrics

"Gerrit Thomas, one of the masterminds behind Funker Vogt and Ravenous, formed Fictional in the late 1990's to create a hybrid between the two bands. The project forged high energy music similar to Funker Vogt with vocal styles of Ravenous to make a pounding, non-stop electro mix that is entirely contagious.
Zoth Ommog released Fictional's first album, 'Fictitious', shortly thereafter. Comprised of ten explosive tracks, Fictional quickly became a dance floor favorite. With the exception of two tracks sung by Tim Fockenbrock (Ravenous), Blue Lights and Dream of God, Gerrit did all of the music and vocals for Fictitious. Intense synths and keyboard melodies are strung throughout the tracks with insatiable beats and poppy vocals. Blue Lights yielded to be the most popular track off of the album, and is still getting continued club play."

 Fictional Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 1999: Fictitiousaudio

"Fictional is one of those bands a lot of people tend to ask questions about. With a website that remains almost totally bare, a name that is hard to run a search on, and one full-length album that is all but impossible to find (though soon, if not already, rereleased on Metropolis Records), most fan's exposure to Fictional is due in part to appearances on a vast number of compilations. A side project of EBM sensations Funker Vogt, Fictional are often described as the slightly softer, more synthpop side of Funker Vogt. Fans of both Funker Vogt and their other more popular side project Ravenous (or is it Funker Vogt that is the side project? It's all so confusing!) will surely delight in the dancefloor friendly sounds of Fictional." .

*** 2003: Fiction

Tracklisting: 1.) The Sound of the Falling Rain 2.) The Weatherman 3.) Dorian Gray 4.) The Burning Man 5.) IntenCity 6.) Little Girl 7.) Hunting Machine 8.) Genuine Experience 9.) Private Nightmare 10.) Perfect Stranger 11.) Voyager 12.) Losing 13.) Mariner 14.) When the World is Dying

"Lyrically, both Funker Vogt and Fictional are, for the most part, about puerile lyrics with little substance, sometimes silly to the point of embarrassment. 'Fiction', their latest offering, is no different. Musically, it compares to their debut 'Fictitious', although it starts off on the wrong foot. The first six songs tend to have this trademark repetitive beat so typical of Gerritt Thomas, with vocals that don't always flow harmoniously with the music. A bad start for an album that ends up delivering only half way through. Track 7, Hunting Machine takes it up a notch, and builds up on darker more diverse synth beats and engaging melodies, and from there on it only gets better. Genuine Experience is another winner, a slower ballad with an addictive chorus. Voyager is a journey to outer-space and it's a smooth launch indeed. And just when the CD starts losing steam, the closing track When the World is Dying comes to the rescue; entirely written and performed by Gerrit Thomas, it's a haunting 9min dark-electro piece --probably the strongest song on the album--, that makes us wonder why G. Thomas even bothers recruiting vocalists for this project when it can be a perfectly decent solo effort from start to end."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 7/03

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