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Line up:
DAMON FRIES ( lyrics, vocals, programming, guitars)
ALA SHARON (female vocals)

"JESUS COMPLEX is the electro-industrial project of Damon Fries, guitarist in BOUDOIR and live soundman of pioneering electronic group CLAN OF XYMOX . Originally from San Francisco, Damon moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1998 to escape the "extremity and hypocrisy of American culture". JESUS COMPLEX is heavy, dark, haunting, angry, vindictive electronic music. Inspired by horror, heartbreak, death, despair and revenge, the first album, 'I Woke Up Dead', is a collection of 10 sinister anthems for dark, moody, pessimistic souls, a toxic blend of heavy dancefloor darkness, distorted, tortured vocals and haunting, gothic atmospheres.
The album is released on Pandaimonium Records in Europe via Ronnie Moorings Stichting Xymox Control label. Ronnie, in fact, can be heard as guest vocalist on the track, Lost In Sleep."
-- press release

 Jesus Complex Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**¾ 2003: I Woke Up Dead

"'I Woke Up Dead' is melancolic, dark and vengeful and the songs remind me of Wumpscut. It gives you a few beautiful samples and everything except cute lyrics, so it's nothing to put in your CD player on a romantic evening with your honey. However, sometimes the singing feels a little boring because the songs tend to be similar due to a lack of variation. But it's definitely a project to keep your eyes open for from now on, particularly for songs such as Nothing Can Hurt You, No Hope - No Desire and You Must Die.
-- Martin Wikström, neurozine

2007: Greetings From The Dead

"The music has a melodic harsh-ness with just the right amount of grimy noise thrown in. The bass on 'Greetings From The Dead' is excellent, and does a great job of pounding the listener into submission. The synthetic orchestrations are nice and thick, and add a fair amount of horrific gloomi- ness without going over the boarder into the region of sounding ‘campy’. There are also touches of guitar on this CD, but they are never overwhelming. The vocals are also done quite well, and have a decent amount of variety of their own; that is, in the way they’re presented (i.e. the variety of effects used on them). There are definitely songs on this release that would fit well in a club setting, like one of my favorites on the CD, Bone By Bone. Other stand-out songs are Murder Is The Only Revenge, which is very reminiscent of Suicide Commando, yet still manages to not sound like a copy, and the slowly pulsing It’s Cold In Hell..."

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