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Line up:
Jasyn Bangert (Synth, programming, distorted vocals)
Andrew Ramirez (Synth, programming, distorted vocals) 1998-2002

Courtney Tittiger (Female Vocals) 2005-
Byron C. Miller (Synth, programmimg) 2005-

"Hailing from Florida, God Module is a brand new duo to emerge from the North American territories. Even before the release of their debut album, the band was already making waves within the scene with the excellent song Illusion (appearing on the GasheD! Records' excellent compilation Virion Sequences). (...) God Module manage to fuse hard and driving modern EBM and electro-industrial with a catchy electro approach, almost reaching synthpop tones. The result is excellent and the distant, harsh vocals are adding much more intensity to the music created."
-- Final Man, Electroage, 10/00

 God Module Discography - Album / CD Reviews

*** 2000: Artificial

"Past the introductory Resurrection, the pace is quickly set, and the listener soon gets an idea of what he's up to: EBM beats, movie samples, heaviyl vocoded voice, soft melodies, danceable rhythms. God Module's music is definitely oriented towards the EBM sounds that was played in Europe a couple of years ago and is now being revived in the States. Energetic without being really angry, fast without being clearly violent, God Module moves a way between soft club EBM and more furious stuff (Funker Vogt or Aghast View, for example). (...) Tracks like Submission or the very catchy Illusion have an addictive side that guarantees to the band some presence on the dancefloors. Don't buy this for the innovation, but don't miss it if you're looking for some club packing EBM."
-- Nicolas,, 9/00

2002: Perception (EP)

"This CD single shows that banality, when formed at high level of production, can pass itself off as something quite good. Of course, I mean 'banality' in the best possible way that I can. The CD sets a good standard against which all other music of this sort should be measured, and yet, I just can't get over the fact that as well produced and beat driven as it is, it's still nevertheless somewhat boring stuff. (...) The CD offers three new tracks and 8 remixes, or variations as I like to call them (to be more precise, 'slight variations'). Although Culture Kulture, Infekktion, Dismantled, Parallel, Cut.Rate.Box, L'ame Immortelle, Stromkern, and Grendel all do fine jobs at providing DJs alternative mixes to play, they offer these variations to pretty much the same set of DJs who would pick the original. Picking the original seems like a more logical choice when one realizes that no particular track stands out as being that remarkably different."
-- Squid,, 12/02

*** 2003: Empath

TrackListing: 1-Catalyst 2- Telekinetic 3-As The Night Falls 4- Entranced 5-Reverse Inversion 6- Curse 7-Levitation 8-Dear Dead Flesh 9- Ever After 10-Lunacy
"The music of God Module continues from the sound of the first album, real high quality EBM that suits the genre well. With a fairly classic approach, with minimally varying BMPs, some down tempo material and some that is high energy for the dance floor. There is little real experimentation, rather focusing on the catchy beats and aggressive distorted vocals. Fans of the sound of the first album will not be displeased. "
-- Squid,, 6/03

*** 2005: Viscera audio

TrackListing: 01. The Source 02. Inside Out 03. False Pretense 04. Still So Strange 05. Lucid 06. A Night Like This 07. Sections 08. Foreseen 09. Lost Time 10. Winter Torture 11. A Simple Restriction

"Dark, pounding techno, seething with electro undertones to soothe any industrial kiddies' ears. This is the new release from God Module. (...) There are some great dance floor tracks that deserve some quality airtime at your nearest stomping ground. Above the rest The Source stands out as the best floor filler. The vocals are more distinct and overall the music seems more predictable than other tracks. Regardless, this is a fantastic song, vocally reminiscent of Johan Van Roy. We get to hear some great samples from such movies as 'House of 1000 Corpses' and 'Donnie Darko'. Also it was a pleasant surprise to hear a cover of The Cure song A Night Like This, although it seemed a little over the top with distorted vocals which droned out most of memorable lyrics. Putting that aside, it's a pretty decent cover. The latter part of the album starts to slow down and seems more suited to passive listening, in contrast to the more dance-based early tracks."
-- TheEdgeCrusher,, 12/05

2007: Let's Go Dark audio

TrackListing: 01. Spooky 02. Let’s Go Dark 03. Corpses (A Zombie love Song) 04. Undone 05. Falling in Space 06. Your True Face 07. EVP 08. Beyond Fear 09. Orange and Black 10. Brains

Release date: April 24, 2007.

2011: Séance audio

TrackListing: 01. Ouija 02. Devil's Night 03. Plastic 04. Doppelganger 05. M.D.K. 06. Extinct 07. Rituals 08. Into the Outside 09. Video 10. Remember 11. Fake Fame 12. Afraid of the Light

Release date: Sep 13, 2011

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