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Everybody's just consuming
What the media's dictating
And they all have forgot
The joy that is to creating
-- In the Heart of Europe
L'âme Immortelle
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Austrian industrial/electro-goth band founded in 1996.

Thomas Rainer (lyrics, Songwritting, vocals)
Hannes Medwenitsch (Songwriting, Keyboards) - 1996-2002
Sonja Kraushofer (vocals)

 L'Ame Immortelle Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 1997: Lieder die wie Wunden bluten

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1998: In einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl

"While keeping elements of their previous album, the essence of darkwave has been replaced in parts by a harsher vocal sound, ala Project Pitchfork, or Sleep of Reason - "dance goth". Strong beats, romantic elements, effected male vocal mix with a strong melodic female voice."

***¾ 1999: Wenn der letzte Schatten Fällt

"(...) Their sound has become softer than on the second CD, and most of the songs are slowler and more romantic, much in the way of their debut, and with a heavy dark-wave touch. Tracks like Another day, the original Tears in the rain or Stern are jewels of this category, using very adequately Sonja's voice, in delicate melodies and soft slow drumming.
(...) Three tracks, however, speeds the record up and, as usual, gets in your ears for days very easily. Gefallen, the first sung track of the CD, features a very nice duet between the two singers (in a Love is lost way"), and you can also find at the end of this CD of very good remix of the hard to find hit In the Heart of Europe, satisfaction guaranted. But my absolute favorite track of the CD is I gab Dir alles, the song who made me headbang for the first time since years."
-- Nicolas, 6/2000,

*** 2001: Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt

"The point here is that this album is severely missing exactly what made the last three so great: standout tracks. Though weak in comparison to other, L'Ame releases, 'Dann Habe...' isn't without its good points nonetheless. Was Halt Mich Noch Hier , the cd's 9th track, was good enough to make some of the album's weaker moments almost forgivable. The song itself is reminiscent of the band's second album or some of the more memorable tracks on 'Wenn Der Letzte Schatten Fallt'. It features an excellently worked string-synth melody, simultaneous German-language clean vocals by Sonja and distorted vocals by Tom which complement each other beautifully, and a tinge of tastefully utilized guitars. Additionally, 'Dann Habe...' features some damn good instrumental tracks that at points recall the cold, brooding, militant feel of Siechtum, Tom Rainer's harsher, noiser side project. Also noteworthy is the remake of Life Will Never Be The Same Again, from the band's debut release, featuring Sean Brennan from London After Midnight. Unfortunately, the good qualities of this album are often overshadowed by the weakest, often unintentionally comical tracks 'Dann Habe...' has to offer. Slut is simply atrocious. The music is mediocre, maybe even tolerable if it weren't for the ridiculous lyrics, and the vocals are just plain irritating. Voicelessand Dead Actor's Requiem also feature laughable lyrics and vocals that are irritating beyond repair. "
-- Ilyssa aka DJ Totentanz, via

***½ 2003: Als die Liebe starb

"Electric and erotic, this album offers both grace and sensuality. L'Ame Immortelle are still at the heart and soul of the synth and electronic sound but there is a lot more to this album (disarming even the severest critics). The melodies are still unmistakably L'ame Immortelle but the band creates an even more unique world of sounds where beautiful, brooding and cascaded string arrangements are mixed with gritty guitar sounds, bass, drums and aggressive distorted beats. 'Als die Liebe starb', perfectly and powerfully produced by John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance) is a conceptual album in which all tracks contribute to a perfect whole and Sonja & Thomas use their voices on all levels, from the most subtle to the most intense. The breathtaking tension between beauty and evil creates a delicate and tragic beauty that is unique and magical..."

***¾ 2004: Gezeiten

Tracklisting: 01. Es zieht dich davon 02. 5 Jahre - Album Version 03. Fear 04. Stumme Schreie 05. Fallen Angel 06. Gezeiten 07. Rain 08. Masquerade 09. Kingdom 10.Calling 11.Ohne dich

Produced by Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly, Delerium) and John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance, Sopor Aeternus) 'Gezeiten' delivers an amazing album of concentrated emotion - aggression, accusation, reflection, love, mourning, rage and pain. The best example of this is brilliantly displayed on the first single 5 Jahre with its lead-heavy guitar breaks and spherical electronics - a perfect assemblage of melodic pop given a Gothic counter-culture twist. Overall 'Gezeiten' could be said to offer a slightly more rockier approach than previous L'ame Immortelle offerings, but they still retain their impecable feline grace and deft melodic touch where melancholy synthesisers meet aggressive and passionate doom laden guitar chords. The Limited Edition version of the new L'ame Immortelle album 'Gezeiten' comes complete with two brand unreleased tracks (12. Believe In Me 13. Without You) and is presented in a special deluxe fold out digipak sleeve.

**½ 2006: Auf Deinen Schwingen

Tracklisting: 01. Uf Deinen Schwingen 02. Herzschlag 03. Du Siehst Mich Nicht 04. Nur Du 05. Phönix (Album Version) 06. Destiny 07. Sometimes Love Is Not Enough 08. Run Away 09. Wohin 10. In Dein Leben 11. Last Will 12. Der Letzte Akt
+ Bonus Ltd Edition only: 13. Bis Ans Ende Der Zeit 14. Dying Day 15. Dein Herz (Single Edit)

"This album is the second L'ame Immortelle to offer a predominantly rock sound (in fact even more so than last time), but unlike 'Gezeiten', this direction no longer seems to be a promising new avenue of stylistic development. Recorded with a large number of session musicians, this album indicates that Thomas and Sonja are finally at a loss for fresh ideas. It's very hard for a bona-fide rock band to achieve greatness with vocalists, a keyboard player and a bunch of hired hands, no matter how competent musicians they might be. It's a remarkably frustrating album to listen to (and even more so to review) - recognisable as the band named on the CD, but mysteriously doing nothing to so much approach the heights of previous works. Take Phönix for example - a creepy music-box and vixen-like vocal from Sonja opens things up, with the song reaching it's climax with some rattling guitar virtuosity. None of this actually makes the song a good one. Other elements, such as the vocal harmonies and symphonics on Sometime Love Is Not Enough, are impressive on a technical level but somehow the whole doesn't transcend the some of the parts. Elsewhere, such as Nur Du and (on the premium edition only) Bis ans End der Zeit, they offer a more straightforward indie rock sound - reasonable for the genre but no more than that, whilst a large number of other songs (especially those sung by Thomas) tend towards the Germanic school of industrial rock pioneered by their mates over at Oomph!, though much of the agression sounds forced."
-- Jonny EOL., 10/06

**¾ 2008: Namenlos

Tracklisting: CD1: 01. Vergessen 02. 1000 Voices 03. Behind The Light 04. Bleib, Requiem 05. Lost 06. Blutrot 07. Reborn 08. Es Tut Mir Leid 09. Niemals 10. Jenseits Der Schatten 11. The Cleansing 12. Namenlos
CD2: 01. Erneuerung 02. When The Sun Has Ceased To Shine 03. Love Is Lost (Cover Version by Anthoni Jones) 04. When The Sun Has Ceased To Shine (Cover Version by Spiritual Front) 05. Es Tut Mir Leid (Cover Version by Steinkind) 06. Niemals (Cover Version by Sieben) 07. Requiem (Cover Version by Whispers In The Shadow) 08. Erinnerung (An Essay by Thomas Sabottka)

"... early influences are melted together on this album with the accessible rock approach of the latest albums. Sometimes this leads to nice moments but overall the sound is still a dramatic bombastic mixture of two styles that as songs do not really work. This is perfectly illustrated by the rock tune Blutrot, which is enhanced with violins and contains a lot of pathos, yet doesn’t have much content, or by the boring electro rune Reborn. Highlights are 1000 Voices, Requiem, Niemals and Es Tut Mir Leid, in which the combination of rock and electro drenched in bombast strikingly enough does work. It however is also the voice of Thomas that at moments is too rough for these kinds of songs. More interesting is the second CD that comes with the limited edition. This features some cover versions of the best tracks from 'Namenlos', performed by a.o. artists of the Trisol stable, which actually are a lot better. Starting with the splendidly sung cover of Love is Lost by Anthoni Jones (Monastic), who before also covered Love Breeds Suicide of Suicide Commando. Herafter a well-done interpretation of Where the Sun Has Ceased to Shine by Spiritual Front, in which the pathos comes across very effectively, this time around. It is all about tone and accent sometimes. The most heavy song of the album, Es Tut Mir Leid is even heavier in the great version of Steinkind. The version that Sieben has made of Niemals with the typical violins and the tormented vocals is even more spherical than the original. Very well done. The cover of Requiem by Whispers in the Shadow is a dreamlike wave piece that makes more impression than the original version.
-- TekNoir,

L'ame Immortelle - Momente2012: Momente

Tracklisting: 01. L’Étang Mâlo 02. No Goodbye 03. Absolution 04. Wie Tränen im Regen 05. Empty 06. Demon be gone 07. The Heart 08. Banish 09. Why can't I make you feel 10. Dort draussen 11. Hold me

Release date: Jan 27, 2012

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