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Mayaline Hage: vocals, lyrics.
Marc Codsi: instruments, vocals

"Mayaline Hage (vocals, lyrics) and Marc Codsi (guitar, electronics) met in Beirut’s free-improvised music scene and formed LUMI in 2005. Shortly after releasing their self-titled EP, they signed a deal with EMI and went into the studio with German producer Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars, Von Sudenfed) to record their highly awaited first album. The resulting ‘Two Tears in Water’ is a highly explosive mix of jagged beats, rock riffs, and infectious pop melodies, laden with social commentary about life in Beirut.
--, 6/08

 Lumi Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¾ 2008: Two Tears in water

Tracklisting: 1.Dont' F with my Cat 2.Face it out 3.Banging in the Stars 4.Two Tears 5.Fat and Furious 6.Staying Here 7.Come Back, no 8.Lilly 9.When People say yeah! (I say go get married) 10.Not our War 11.Summer 12.Second Thoughts 13.We Are who we Are
"As The youngest and most exciting band on the Lebanese music scene, Lumi embodies the glamour and chaotic dynamic of Beirut. In a country where making music is a political statement in itself, Lumi’s hope is to represent all the new generations that aim at living in freedom and independence while expressing their full individuality. (...) Resilient to the core, Lumi is more than music and rhythm. Giving voice to a rising electric pop scene, the duo exudes elegance and avant-garde funk. Short for the French word ‘Lumiere’, meaning light, the wildly talented pair are keen on taking back the streets of Beirut with their unorthodox style and flair. Their weapons: electric guitar and mic in hand."
-- M. Kadry,, 7/08

"By rights, new electro-rock band Lumi ought to be celebrated far and wide as one of the most original and interesting music acts to emerge this year. ... 'Two Tears In Water' is the culmination of six years of work and friendship, the pair having first met in 2002. (...) What resulted was a friendship and creative partnership that flourished through good and bad, from times of peace to times of war, and both of these inform their deceptively punky, poppy, electro-rock first album in ways both subtle and overt, such as in the ethereal yet faintly sinister ‘Not Our War’. (...) Their music has not only become a way to confront the war, but also a way to escape it, something influenced by the pair’s mutual love for the surreal, dreamlike films of David Lynch and Luis Buñuel."
-- James Wilkinson,, 5/08

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