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White Rose Movement
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Finn Vine, vocals
Jasper Milton, guitars
Owen Dyke, bass
Poppy, keyboards
Ed Harper, drums

"White Rose Movement are a post-punk/electro band from London, England. They mix the post-punk style and attitude of early bands of the genre such as Joy Division and The Chameleons with a more new romantic image reminiscent of bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and A Flock of Seagulls, as well as more modern electroclash and post-punk revival influences. Their first album 'Kick' was released April 17, 2006, after a long period of media hype and critical acclaim from the British indie music press."
-- bio,

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***¾ 2006: Kick audio

"'Kick' contains more fine Paul Epworth production and surely the greatest single track he's worked on. Throughout the LP, the London five-piece, whose name is taken from a 1930s anti-Nazi group, fly their Spitfires daringly across the surface of an art-disco landscape scarred by the shrapnel of frequently harrowing '80s pop. Fortunately, their bleeding edge uber cool pout, convincingly realised undertones of dark menace and the super-right producer make this an LP of some considerable promise. Debut single Love Is A Number was quite the most emphatic entrance for The White Rose Movement. This song alone justifies 'Kick' and then some. Epworth at his barnstorming best, we find flamboyant singer Finn Vine wailing extravagantly about sex over production line percussive pistons in a belting remake of Joy Division's Transmission. Second single, Alsation is not far behind, a bloodthirsty thrash of synth alarm bells, broken box beats and talk of infidels. Moreover, from the first foreboding electro droplets of opener Kick, through Pig Heil Jam's terrific car crash of noise and the nagging, twisted torment of the hidden closing track, this sounds deep, dramatic, intense and exciting. Occasionally, the band's dalliances with the pop land that time forgot - sections of Girls In The Back and Crueller - teeter on the precipice of the '80s abyss. (...) Epworth's vigorous production allied with The White Rose Movement's compelling manifesto frequently sees the spectre of The Human League, Gary Numan, OMD, Depeche Mode and New Order smashed in the future face to thrilling effect. The '80s has, of course, been in need of a good kicking for some time."
-- Ben Gilbert, Yahoo Music UK, 4/06


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