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Hot Hot Heat
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Steve Bays - vocals, keyboards
Dante DeCaro - guitar
Paul Hawley - drums
Dustin Hawthorne - bass

"Hot Hot Heat (four shaggy-haired boys from British Columbia, actually) don't simply trot out their influences as so many of their contemporaries do. Instead, they present a formidable mix of them, incorporated as an important but not overwhelming part of the whole. What's more, their forefathers are refreshingly diverse: they draw just as much on the UK of the 80s as on the NY of the 70s, ...
Singer Steve Bays can imitate Robert Smith (and, at a few choice moments, Bono) with the best of them, but his erratic tenor comes across as more versatile than that of a mere imitator; the same goes for the rest of the band. They pay their respects, yes, but don't dwell in anybody's shadow."
-- Daniel Levin Becker,, 11/02

 Hot Hot Heat Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2002: Make Up The Breakdown audio

"The Hottest of all Heats first whetted the taste buds of Cure-craving obsessives and garage-rockers alike with the fantastic 'Knock Knock Knock EP', and with the full-length Make Up The Breakdown, the retro dance party is on again. Packed to the brim with funtastic synthesizers whistling in and out of every track, Breakdown flaunts another dapper vocal performance by hiccup-y squeal merchant Steve Bays, as well as quasi ska rhythms that bob like old Specials break beats and dip dangerously like a homemade halfpipe. (...) The lyrics? Hell, they're about girls, of course, and Hot Hot Heat's members have obviously dealt with some amazingly catty shrews in their day. (...) Despite a traditionally vexed, jaded view of females, every arrangement is aloof and cheery as a neon-green pair of spandex shorts, and the mighty triple H hearken back to an era when neon-green spandex shorts might have seemed damn necessary."
-- Grant Purdum,

2003: Scenes One Through Thirteen audio

13 song LP discography of all early tape/demo material. Available on CD from OHEV records.

*** 2005: Elevator audio

"'Elevator' drops the synths in favour of Hammond organs, clanging retro guitars and an inevitable 60's sound, fails to stand out as anything other than mediocre Top Of The Pops fodder. The album opens with Running Out Of Time which could pass as an old No Doubt song in the hands of Good Charlotte, and Goodnight Goodnight (a supposed highlight) which just about passes as a poor mans Libertines b-side performed by a Jam tribute act fumbling aimlessly through a somewhat ironic rendition of That's Entertainment. (...) Middle of Nowhere, Soldier in a Box and title track Elevator almost make amends but it really is a case of too little too late. One of the most remarkable aspects of 'Elevator' is that it's 15 tracks long and comes in at 37 minutes. In actual fact the record seems more like three tracks lasting well over an hour. In short, 'Elevator' seems destined to be the odd one out this summer. With Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, The Futureheads, Interpol, The Killers, The Walkman (to name but a few) all vying for space on the indie air waves, it would appear the best they can hope for is one or two teen movie soundtrack deals. It's just too samey, too predictable and too 2003."
-- James Laffoley ,, 05/05

2007: Happiness Ltd audio

Tracklisting: 1.Happiness Ltd. 2.Let Me In 3.5 Times Out of 100 4.Harmonicas & Tambourines 5.Outta Heart 6.My Best Fiend 7. Conversation 8.Give Up? 9.Good Way to Die 10.So So Cold 11.Waiting for Nothing

Release date: Sep 11, 2007

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