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Andy Krueger, Edgar Slatnow, Kay Hildebrandt

"In January 1995, Andy Krueger, Edgard Slatnow and Kay Hildebrandt decided to form a new music project whose lyrics would be exclusively German. The inexperienced band members reached success relatively quickly while touring Germany with European phenomenon And One.
In 1998, Melotron broke onto Germany's alternative charts with the breakthrough single, Dein Meister, and played support shows for EBM legends Front 242 and De/Vision. Then, in March 1999, 'Mörderwerk', the debut album, was released on Zoth Ommog/Music Research, hitting number eight on the alternative music charts. The second released single, the Karat cover version Den Blaue Planet opened the doors for Melotron to the world of radio airplay in Germany."

 Melotron Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1999: Mörderwerk
"Melotron's first album 'Moerderwerk' does sound a great deal like And One , but that's not a bad thing if you like And One . The tone various from the very bleak and dark (in the veins of And One's Deutschmaschine) to the more melodic but there really isn't a bad track on this album and unlike the Melotron albums that followed all songs retain a certain dark edge. Higly Recommended."
-- Shadowman82, for, 6/04

2000: Fortschrittaudio

"For their second full-length, the German trio Melotron is leaving the And One flourishes sound of their first album 'Morderwerk' to play with orchestral elements. Never has an album so nicely worn its name, 'Fortschritt' (read Progress) is a modern showcase of synthpop with an impressive emphasis on the orchestration with a pleasurable pop subtlety.
The growth of Melotron is obvious and it's shown both in their skill to manipulate electronics and in their new incorporation of "organic" instruments such as guitars, bass and a live drum. Still, you'll not be shocked by a drastic change. (...) Certainly the most representative song of Melotron's new sound, Tanz Mit Dem Teufel, their first single, is incorporating melodic guitar parts and a live drum to the upbeat synthpop subtlety with brilliance. With a softer approach, Schlaflos is providing one of the most pleasurable moment of 'Fortschritt' with a melodic, beat-oriented ballad with thick electronics and distant, watered guitar parts."
-- Final Man,, 2000

***½ 2002: Weltfrieden

Tracklisting: 1.Der kleine Unterschied 2.Welt Du bist so still 3.Gib mir alles 4.Wach auf 5.Wir sind!!! 6.Digital 7.Folge mir ins Licht 8.Lilienthals Traum 9.Brüder 10.Stille 11.Reich aus Glas 12.Ich tanz die Welt für Dich 13.Wohin? 14.Glücklich
"... melodies that make you want to keep the disc in your stereo, and songs that have intelligent arrangements. Add these to Andy Krueger's smooth, strong voice, and you won't even mind that you most likely have no clue what he could be saying. Weltfrieden starts off with 'Welt Du bist So Still', which sets the pace for a whole lot of synthpop fun. 'Gib Mir Alles' is a very appropriate single, as it shows that synthpop isn't just a genre full of forgettables. Other tracks that really shine are 'Folge Mir Ins Licht', which features Julia Beyer of Technoir, 'Wir Sind', which seems more likely to start a moshpit than anything, and 'Brueder', featuring Dennis Ostermann of In Strict Confidence. Melotron definitely set a higher standard for synthpop, as they seem to have something intelligent and interesting to contribute to the genre, without sacrificing the quality of their music for club-play success. "
-- Peter Mahoney,

***½ 2003: Sternenstaub

Track Listing:01. Sternenstaub 02. Der Anfang 03. Der Kosmonaut 04. Wunsch mich nicht zuruck 05. Erwartungen 06. Immer noch 07. Kein Morgen 08. Kein Problem 09. Manchmal 10. NGC 1005 11. Mediensturm 12. Das Letzte. Bonus Track: Planetenwind

"They have grown far beyond the And One clone they seemed to be at first. Melotron have a fantastic sense for melody and quality that you seldom hear in this genre - as well as a good vocalist. (...) Alas, no particular new ground is covered, and Andy’s vocals need some new ideas. His verses all sound pretty much the same, with the voice merely going up and down a bit, while almost talking. Of course Olaf Wollschläger's production is top notch once again. Still, I feel more could be done, since some of the tracks are also a bit bland. What really saves this album are the two fantastic floor fillers Der Anfang and Erwartungen. Possibly the most perfect blend of EBM and pop music since Folge mir ins Licht on the last album. Strangely, they are both vastly better than the first single from the album, Kein Problem, which is cool, but pretty rough and it lacks catchy hooks. The brilliant varied dance tracks are where Melotron really show their strength, and I think they should do even more of those. The slower songs could be more eventful, and bluntly said, less boring, although they often show beauty as well as power. "
-- Johan Carlsson,, 9/03

***¼ 2005: Cliche

Track Listing:01. Marlene 02. Halt mich fest 03. Frei wie das Meer 04. Menschenfresser 05. Stirb für mich 06. Alles gesagt 07. Wenn Wir Wollten (click to listen) 08. Lebenslauf 09. Einfach so 10. Propaganda 11. Griechisch/Römisch 12. Gläserne Zeiten 13. Sandström

"The masters of German ElectroPop are back! 'Cliche' is the title of the brand new fifth regular studio album from Melotron. Continuing their very own and individual musical path they deliver once more what their fans expect : an album of precise melodies and polished electro sounds! As uncompromised as never before 'Cliche' sees the German trio composing songs of instant hit potential alongside tracks that expand and evolve their sound, taking in symphonic classical and techno dance influences. Again produced by Olaf Wollschläger, 'Cliche' offers parallels in sound-solutions to established electro-heroes such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode or Chemical Brothers with their combination of cool electronics and heart-felt German lyrics. The Limited Edition of the 'Cliche' comes presented in a deluxe digipak including photo-postcards of the individual band members plus a bonus CD containing one audio and one video track."
-- press release

*** 2007: Propaganda audio

Track Listing:01Auferstehung 02. Das Herz (Album Version) 03.Arroganz der Liebe 04.Gerade heute 05.Lebe ungewöhnlich 06.Du bist 07.Princess of Russia 08.Broken 09.Vaterland 10.Für Dich gestorben 11.Liebe ist Notwehr 12.Wir können auch anders 13.Dein Herr 14.Das Herz (Video)

Release date: Feb 12, 2007

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