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In Strict Confidence Line-up:
- Dennis Ostermann (songwriting, lyrics)

- Jörg Schelte (songwriting, programing)
- Steve (rythms, programing, drums)

- Nadine Stelzer (female vocals)
- Heiko Monkowski (guitars)
German electro-industrial band founded in 1990. Their first tapes go back to 1994, but the first full-length album 'Cryogenix' would only see the light of day in 1996 after they landed a record label deal with Zoth Ommog.

 Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1996: Cryogenix audio

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1998: Face the Fearaudio

"Face the Fear, brought them to the forefront of the European electro-wave scene in 1998. Club hits Industrial Love, Hidden Thoughts, and Alles in Mirgave them a strong stance for the years ahead. A limited double CD with mixes of Industrial Love, and Prediction featured the remixing talents of VNV Nation, X Marks the Pedwalk, Melotron and many others, further established the band as a club staple."
-- metropolis-records

In Strict Confidence - Love Kills*** 2000: Love Kills

"The previous In Strict Confidence (ISC) CD 'Face The Fear' wasn't too impressive in my opinion as there were only a few stand-out tracks amongst a lot of mediocre songs and boring instrumentals. However, this follow-up CD is their most mature and enjoyable release yet. There's a lot of variety contained on this disc, and everything is interesting and creative. While there are a couple of tracks with German lyrics and a few instrumentals, everything works well. The CD starts off strong with four solid dark dramatic EBM tracks featuring great electronic programming, mesmerizing and haunting synth melodies, driving beats and rough accented deep male vocals. All of these tracks scream quality and really show off the talents of the band. The CD takes a slight turn on track five with Spread Your Wings Part I. It's an experimental instrumental track featuring voice samples, chaotic and sporadic electronic programming, dark keyboards, etc. (...) Things return to the normal structured dark dance EBM style after that track with the amazing club hit Kiss Your enjoyable dark electro industrial CD..."
-- Darklight,

In Strict Confidence - Mistrust The Angels***¼ 2002: Mistrust the Angels audio

"One of Germany’s finest electro-terrorist bands, In Strict Confidence’s fourth album 'Mistrust the Angels' is dark and highly danceable without veering into sad clichés. Its sojourn into provocative subject matter is underscored by immaculately sequenced rhythms and potent vocal work. Two of the songs, When the Heart Starts to Bleed and Les Miroirs feature beguiling vocal work by Nathalie Sienko, while Nadine Stelzer handles all other female vocals…the songs range from pulsing mid-tempo tunes like When the Heart Starts to Bleed to slow, creepy numbers like Der Vampire und Dessen Verwandlung. Their apocalyptic landscapes will please fans of early Nineties Front 242 (think Tyrrany For You or the two records from ’93). Easily one of the most ambitious records of its kind this year, 'Mistrust the Angels' is dark industrial music at its finest. "
-- Jack Alberson, FAC193 reviews

In Strict Confidence - Holy****¼ 2004: Holy audio

Tracklisting: 01 eye of heaven 02 seven lives 03 babylon 04 closing eyes 05 heal me 06 emergency 07 another night 08 no love will heal 09 the darkest corridors 10 sleepless 11 alpha centauri
"Continuing where 'Mistrust The Angels' left off, Holy takes the darkwave/industrial genre to new heights, while still remaining faithful to their roots. Fans of industrial, synthpop, darkwave, ethereal, and gothic music can all find their religion in 'Holy', and is a must have for any ISC fan. Each track is very well executed, with only the final track leaving a bit to be desired. Seven Lives [is ] a departure from anything ISC has done before. More anthemic, more pop structured, as much 'mainstream' as industrial. Babylon, the only song sung in German, lacks the power and intensity of the other tracks. Closing Eyes [is] more upbeat than the previous tracks, with the traditional four-on-the-floor beat and faster synth lines. Nadine Stelzer and Dennis Ostermann share vocal duties on this track, each contributing alternating lines, and then switching to a duet on the chorus. Emergency [is] the first of two tracks on this album with Antje Schulz, of the German ethereal act Chandeen, on vocals. Though the tone is darker than her usual work, her voice fits this style of music very well. No Love Will Heal [is] another mid-tempo track, ... classic ISC, with all the trimmings. Sleepless [is] the second track on the album featuring Antje on vocals. Very slow track, with deep resonating bass and minimal synths. Very ambient track, slipping into the Massive Attack vein.
All in all, a very recommended album, especially to those who like all genres of dark music. Excellent production values, great artwork and booklet, intriguing lyrics, and a true perfectionists attention to detail."
-- voiddrag0n, amazon customer review, 2/04

In Strict Confidence - Exile Paradise***¾ 2006: Exile Paradise

Tracklisting: 01. The harder they come... 02. Promised Land 03. Forbidden Fruit 04. Fading Light 05. Wintermoon 06. Manchmal redest du im Schlaf 07. Regicide 08. Der Teufel 09. Away from here 10. In Favilla 11. Something to remember 12. ...the harder they fall
"In Strict Confidence have returned with another brilliant album complete with stunning artwork. Exile Paradise is possibly the band’s most progressive work to date. Pop sensibilities are mixed with industrial electronics which allude to a pop/rock-like feel, showing the band has changed up their musical style ever so slightly. Female vocals are given a more prominent place in the mix along side of lead singer Dennis Osterman’s, who has opted for a more natural sound. Even many of the instruments display less processing than with previous albums. Exile Paradise not only defies its predecessors, but remains true to the classic feel and song structure of In Strict Confidence."
-- metropolis-records

"... 'Exile Paradise' continues the steady evolution and unstoppable momentum of one of the dark underground scenes most potent and talented bands. Delivering 12 new tracks of ultimate, spine-tingling melodic Darkwave, 'Exile Paradise' features tracks culled from hypnotic Maxi Single 'Where Sun And Moon Unite' (Promised Land, Wintermoon ) together with 10 new songs of typically infectious ISC brilliance - where bombastic driving sequencers and darkly melodic, lush synth backdrops blend with the anguished vocals of front man Ostermann to exceptional effect. 'Exile Paradise' delivers an unmissable and essential next-chapter from one of the most popular and talented acts in the Electro / Darkwave scene."
-- musicnonstop

In Strict Confidence - La Parade Monstrueuse ***¼ 2010: La Parade Monstrueuse

Tracklisting: 01 La parade monstrueuse (Intro) 02 My Despair 03 Silver Bullets 04 One drop 05 Set me free 06 This is all 07 Ewige Nacht 08 SnowWhite 09 I surrender 10 Schwarzes Licht 11 Golden Gate
Musicfolio Picks: Set Me Free, I Surrender.

"In Strict Confidence proceed even further into the rock genre, but they never forget where their true roots lie. This album finds an equilibrium between both rock and industrial music and spits out some very catchy tunes. With the familiar "beauty and beast" vocals, two separate moods are created in nearly every song. "
-- Ali Ladhani,, 3/10
"[In Strict Confidence] create their own sound space, built with darkwave elements, driving rhythms, harsh guitars and playful synthlayers. Above all, the dark and raw voice of Dennis Ostermann is enthrowned, leading you through this glamorous world. A world that also contains some be-witched moments, like the vocals of the new singer, Nina de Lianin. The record is topped with extravagant artwork, contained in a 20-page booklet."
-- press release

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