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- Rasc
- Gun

- Krischan

Rasc is cofounder and the creative engine of The Fair Sex - one of the most renowned “old school" ebm bands in Europe and the U.S. While co-producer of the band from the early 90's on, Gun almost became an invisible member of TFS. Since then, Gun and Rasc have repeatedly joined forces in projects such as '1 am' and Warm and now Rotersand. Krischan joined Rotersand in autumn 2002. As Resident DJ of clubs like "Planet" in Bochum and "Broadway" in Essen he released tracks and mixes on Thee Blak Label, Radikal Fear, Force Inc and React. His meaty club-background perfectly complements Rasc’s solid ebm roots and Gun’s elaborate “pop-approach”.

 Rotersand Discography - Album / CD Reviews

Rotersand - Truth is Fanatic **** 2004: Truth is Fanatic
"Rotersand is the brainchild of Rasc (The Fair Sex), and Gun (multi-instrumentalist and producer), who came together to create an artistic expression of the sound of music. Their import only EP, Merging Oceans, was released earlier this year and created a sensation not only on the German DAC charts, but also in the clubs stateside. Due to the success of the EP along with enthusiastic press reactions and continuous club play, Rotersand brought to life their debut, 'Truth Is Fanatic'. A synthesis of 80's, synthpop, electro, and techno, this release is a harmonious fusion of driving rhythms, rolling bass-lines, rousing melodies, hard electronic beats, and warm melancholic atmospheres. An authentic musical mixture, which corresponds perfectly with the spirit of the time. "

"The music is mostly driven electro pop songs that are as solid as a house, but with the capability to excite you for many years. Listen for instance to songs like Almost Violent, Electronic World Transmission, the threatening Social Distortion with the female vocals of Sina [PsychoBitch], the ballad One Level Down and the pounding beats during Sonic Agony. “Truth Is Fanatic” is pleasure and craftsmanship in one and you can never have enough bands like this…"
-- Beautevil,

Rotersand - Welcome to Goodbye***¼ 2005: Welcome To Goodbye
Tracklisting: 01. Welcome To Goodbye 02. Dare To Live 03. Last Ship (Clubbed) 04. Almost Wasted 05. Storm 06. By The Waters 07. Last Ship 08. Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy 09. Undone 10. Would You Buy This? 11. Alive 12. All In All 13. Angels Falling

"Following the success of their first album 'Truth is Fanatic', Rotersand have achieved quality and precision which many of the band's fans have grown accustomed to. With tracks like Merging Oceans, Almost Violent, Electronic World Transmission and Lifelight on the first album, you would have expected them to have struggled to better or even equal those songs. (...) The first few tracks slowly build a feeling for the rest of the album. Stand-out songs on 'Welcome to Goodbye' include Dare to Live, which builds up into something which dances around the borders of trance, with the chanted lyrics "Do you know? ... Do you feel?" It's an impressive track that reaches so many anti-climaxes, yet keeps the listener interested. It leads nicely onto The Last Ship pt1, a superb dance track, which along with Exterminate Annihilate Destroy will most likely be one of the album's big name tracks. Chanting drums on Storm have an almost military feel to them although these are contrasted with haunting synths and echoed vocals. Dr Who fans will enjoy hearing Daleks droning the words 'Exterminate Annihilate Destroy'—once again another great club anthem. Finally, Undone is defiantly one of those underrated songs that after a few listens you realise could probably be one of the best on the album. Make sure you hear it, it's one to push for airtime in nightclubs."
-- TheEdgeCrusher,, 7/05

Rotersand - 1023***¼ 2007: 1023
Tracklisting: 01. 1023 Intro 02. Rushing 03. I Don't Know 04. Lost 05. I Am With You 06. I Cry 07. Shelter 08. Gods Have Gone Insane 09. Drug 10. I Don't Remember 11. Inner World

"One thing is sure, this German combo doesn’t want to make every album sound the same. You’ll for sure recognize the typical, progressive electro style based on deep EBM bass lines, filtered bleeps on the edge of trance and danceable rhythms, but Rotersand also innovates by some slower songs in a more soundtrack vein. These pieces aren’t my favorite ones, but they bring like intermezzos in between the harder songs. And among these harder songs, we’ll for sure find some new, potential dancefloor killers. Songs like Rushing, Lost, Shelter, Meaning is the Drug and I Don’t Remember are full of complexity, but with a clear and punching dance factor! Rotersand indeed evolved towards more complex arrangements, sometimes sailing through new waters. That’s maybe what explains the kind of cyber-rock influence of the The Gods Have Gone Insane, which reminds me of Project Pitchfork. Another interesting song is the more 80s minded Don’t Know. 'Welcome to Goodbye' sounded maybe more efficient while '1023' is much more diversified and open-minded. The global production process remains however exceptional."
-- DP,, 6/07

Rotersand****¼ 2009: Random is Resistance
Tracklisting: 01. Yes, We Care 02. Bastards Screaming 03. Waiting To Be Born 04. Speak To Me 05. We Will Kill Them All 06. First Time 07. Beneath The Stars 08. If You Don't Stop It 09. War On Error 10. A Number And A Name 11. Gothic Paradise 12. A Million Worlds To Lose
"With their new album, 'Random Is Resistance', Rotersand have once again succeeded in performing the balancing act between club-friendly music and a total work of art, mixing chilled-out electrobeats with shimmering futurepop sequences, trance-like sounds with atmospheric samples, clear-cut melodies with warm and charismatic vocals, subdued new wave with classical strings. Nor do they shy away from acoustic guitars and pop hooklines, creating a unique universe that pulls together all strands of electronic music and which remains masterfully emotional and above all, intelligent. 'Random Is Resistance’ is the most perfect work to date from Rotersand's unique creative musical forge. Individualists who dance their way out of the grid, achieving musical resistance to the well-worn pigeonholes."
-- press release
"... the best album Rotersand has made so far. This means a lot given the high quality of previous albums. Where previous albums always featured a couple of less achieved tracks, 'Random is Resistance' features nothing but really good tracks. It kicks off with the well known Pink Floyd moment of Rotersand in the acoustic track Yes, We Care, followed by Bastards Screaming which is the first dance floor filler, of course on this album featured in a different jacket than on the 'War on Error' EP. Waiting to Be Born because of the atmospheric but heavy danceable futurepop, reminds much of the early days of Rotersand in times of Merging Oceans. Speak to Me and We Will Kill Them All are two futurepop tracks which are highly danceable... (...) Rotersand manages to limit the experiment of '1023' this time and instead scores nothing but aces on this new album. Every fan of electro EBM music should own this album."
-- TekNoir,, 11/09

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