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Pride and Fall
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
- Sigve Monsen (vocals)
- Per Waagen (Synths)
- Svien Joar Auglaend Johnsen (guitars)

"Norwegian trio Pride And Fall came together after dabbling individually in metal, goth and progressive trance. Formed with a single goal in mind, to combine the elements of these genres into something new and innovating, Pride And Fall have created an album that is a testament to their work. Completely devoid of filler or b-sides, accessible and club friendly, Nephesh is loaded with catchy refrains and excellent vocals sure to please the most die-hard and novice future-pop fans. For fans of VNV Nation, Icon Of Coil, Covenant, and Apoptygma Berzerk. "
--, 9/03

 Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2003: Nepheshaudio
Tracklisting: 01 The Approach 02 Inside 03 Paragon 04 Matriarch 05 Omniscient 06 December 07 Delusion 08 Construct 09 Serenade of Dreams 10 Extinction Means Forever 99 Hidden Track
"If you are itching for a new VNV Nation album then Pride & Fall's Nephesh should be right up your alley. I just get the feeling that if there was no such thing as VNV Nation, if VNV Nation hadn't already spent the creative juices in developing this sound, then Pride & Fall's Nephesh might actually be a pretty good album, and be very popular. However, when I listen to it, I can't ignore the fact that Pride & Fall are trying to sound like VNV Nation. (...) If you think you won't be able to get over the fact that they are doing nothing but ripping off your favourite band, then steer clear, because there can be no doubt that is what they are doing. ... perhaps Pride & Fall will take note of reviews like this and attempt to push the levels of their development and find their unique sound with their second release."
-- Squid, Toronto Industrial Kollective, 8/03

***½ 2006: Elements of Silenceaudio
Tracklisting: 01. Ineo 02. Retrospect 03. Sacrament 04. Scarred 05. Border 06. Pathogen 07. Elements Of Silence 08. The Violence In Me 09. The Guiding Light 10. Ego 11. The Perfect Circle 12. Essence Of Angels

"Pride And Fall's 'Elements Of Silence' is the sound of conjoined twins competing to be heard. One twin an electro goth and the other futurepop, both with brains but sharing one body. The result is randomly brillant, sometimes ordinary and occasionally confused. Four of the twelve tracks on 'Elements Of Silence' are pure futurepop. Retrospect, Sacrament, Ego, and Border are all competent and club ready futurepop anthems. These songs could be added in with DJ's playing Apop, A23 or VNV Nation. Unfortunately, most dancers in a club will assume they are playing one of those three bands rather than Pride And Fall. Border, the first single, with its triumphant chorus and sword lyrics could be a sequel to VNV's Kingdom. (...) Sounding like they are from another band on another album are the two electro goth songs on 'Elements Of Silence'. The somber album closer Essence Of Angels which is aided by its church organ and female backing vocals, and Pathogen which is a straight forward goth electro song that sounds as if it was left off a Diary Of Dreams or Project Pitchfork album. (...) Promising but disjointed, 'Elements Of Silence' achieves an odd balance between its conflicted identities."
-- Michael Wozny,, 01/06

***¾ 2007: In My Time of Dying
Tracklisting: 01 Intro 02 The Painful Regret 03 I Wither 04 The Black Gate 05 Adored 06 Little 07 Burning Faith 08 Sacred And Profane 09 Blood 10 Ticktack 11 In My Time Of Dying

"With the past twelve months marked by divorce, a friend's suicide, a loss in the family, and the imminent closure of their record label, times have been hard for Pride And Fall, and it comes as no surprise to find that the experiences have shaped the sound, look, and feel of their latest album. But as so often happens in times of personal crisis, creative energies flourish, and the Norwegian trio have delivered their strongest, most polished album to date. You don't need to be a mindreader to see the dark threads running throughout the album: while thoroughly danceable, a heavy gloom pervades many of tracks."
-- Dependent Records press release

"Third full length album from Norway's Pride And Fall - 'In My Time Of Dying' hints at a cessation of activity from the band (sadly their last for Dependent Records) with an intense and professional completion to a trio of records that began with 'Nephesh' and continued with their highly regarded and utterly excellent last long-player 'Elements Of Silence' : Again firmly entrenched in a darkly melodic Electro/Future-Pop sound 'In My Time Of Dying' finds the trio again fusing a full - sounding electronic masterpiece that penetrates the psyche with an underscored darkness full of brooding synth-lines, melodic sequences, pounding club rhythms and lyrics consumed with endings, introspection and lack of control..."

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