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I still believe my ears, but all I hear is lasting silence .
-- Adrian Hates
Diary of Dreams
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Diary of Dreams "Known for his bass as a member of Garden of Delight from their 3rd album 'Sargonid Seal' up to their 7th 'Paradise' adding a special feeling to their music and making better their sound, Adrian Hates founded his own band, Diary of Dreams, in the late 80s. It started as a solo band at first but went on to become his full-time band. He composed his own, more lyrical and sentimental pieces, different from the gothic rock ones of Garden of Delight. Adrian Hates’ main inspirations come from his very own dreams. And so his lyrics are… a Diary of Dreams. An integral and exceptionally important part of Diary of Dreams’ creativity is their lyrics, lyrics full of double meaning, metaphors and symbolisms. As for the music, stunning fluid guitars, pulsating bass lines, imposing drumming/beat and repeatedly played aesthetic distressing and bleak pieces on the piano, the acoustic guitars and other instruments evoke a ritual and horrifying atmosphere, whilst at others evoke an elated, full of melancholy atmosphere, dressing in an appropriate way Adrian’s poetic emotional lyrics. And then comes his voice… A cry coming deep down from an imprisoned angel, chained with his precious wings tore apart."
-- DerRozzengarten,

 Diary of Dreams Discography - Album / CD Reviews

Diary of Dreams - Cholymelan***½ 1994: Cholymelan

Track Listing: 1. Ein Wiegenlied 2. At The Border Of My Nation 3. Shattered Disguise 4. War On A Meadow 5. Holier Than Thou Approach 6. False Affection, False Creation 7. And Silence Still Remains 8. Phantasmogoria 9. To Conquer The Angel's Laugh 10. Cholymelan + hidden sequence (5:16 - 6:10)

"While Adrian's old band, Garden of Delight, was clearly influenced by the Fields of the Nephilim, his Diary of Dreams debut album is oriented towards electronic sequencing with light guitar contributions. A set of lingering melancholic synth-melodies that capture the senses."
--, 1/00

Diary of Dreams - End of Flowers***¾ 1995: End of Flowers

Track Listing: 1. End Of Flowers 2. Victimized 3. A Fool To Blame 4. Scars Of Greed 5. Oblivion 6. Cold Deceit 7. Retaliation 8. Willow 9. Deviation 10. Eyesolation 11. Tears Of Laughter

"...Aesthetic dark electronic compositions, with some stunning fluid guitars and very effective rhythm/beat patterns. The compositions all share such a compelling sound structure you cannot resist to! And these deep dark emotions running through the music via the so dedicated and passionate vocal parts."
-- Sideline #4, 1996

**** 1997: Bird Without Wings audio
Track Listing: 1. Stimulation 2. Bird Without Wings II 3. Dissolution 4. June 5. Aphelion 6. But The Wind Was Stronger 7. A Sinner's Instincts 8. Ex-ile 9. Legends 10. Flood Of Tears

"My personal favorite, this album captures the essence of Diary of Dreams' music with songs like Stimulation, Juneand But the Wind was Stronger. Adrian's powerful deep dark voice is at its best on tracks like Juneand Aphelion. From slow melancholic ballads to electro-dance tunes, this album has it all."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 1/00

Diary of Dreams - Psychoma?***½ 1998: Psychoma?
Track Listing: 1. (ver)Gift(et)? 2. never'Freeze 3. Methusalem 4. Luna(-tic) 5. Drop dead 6. Touch 7. E.-dead-Motion 8. Never!Land 9. Wild 10. You(-das) 11. Tranceformation Baby 12. End(giftet)?

" ... Sombre emotional vocals, bubbling synths, passionate melancholic tunes, captivating ghostly ambiences, mystical sinister strings and drum crescendos. Definitely an amazingly good variety of sounds and atmospheres to please most tastes. Diary of Dreams have really done a masterful job on this new cd (...) A deep and meaningful opus I can only recommend!"
-- Sideline #24, 1999

**** 1999: Moments of Bloom audio
"Moments of Bloom serves as an introduction for new listeners, combining 2 songs of each previous album with 4 new tracks, but doesn't disappoint the long-time fans either. Each song has been reworked, remastered and all the vocals have been re-recorded for the album, offering new interpretations and versions of some of Diary's greatest moments. "

Diary of Dreams - One of 18 Angels**** 2000: One of 18 Angelsaudio
"In-line with Adrian's previous releases, 'One of 18 Angels' skillfully blends synth and piano arrangments delivering 11 songs appealing to both darkwave and electro-goth fans. The tracks length averages 6min as opposed to the usual 8min Diary songs...and it's for the best, as it adds intensity to the overall work. Adrian seems also to be drifting to more danceable tunes with Butterfly:Dance!, No-body left to blame and Now this is Human, which are actually my favorite picks on this album.

Note: The band's line up does not include Christian Berghoff this year."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 10/00

Diary of Dreams - Freak Perfume***½ 2002: Freak Perfume audio
"With 'Freak Perfume', DIARY OF DREAMS have created another seminal album. Here, the energy and power of their first recordings blend brilliantly with the maturity and understanding they've now gained. The effortless and elegant production transports the strikingly melancholic and poetic atmosphere. On ''Freak Perfume'', you will find potential club stormers and ballads alike, all embedded in the typically powerful, almost classical DIARY OF DREAMS sound. ''Freak Perfume'' is probably the most extensive and diverse album Adrian Hates ever created, his writing reaching new depths and new insights."

Diary of Dreams - Panik Manifesto***½ 2002: Panik Manifesto (EP)
1. Painkiller 2. Panik? 3. Soul Stripper 4. Sin Skinner 5. Drama 6. The Scream 7. Monsters and demons

"Packed with 7 new songs, Panik Manifesto is more than just an EP, it is actually one song short of a full length album. Always in typical Diary of Dreams style, it includes both slow epic electro-goth tunes with layered vocals and dancefloor friendly hits. In it's 9 years of existence so far, DoD never traded quality music for sell-out tracks, always maintaining its unique style, while generously delivering one album each year on average. The only letdown is the lack of variety, but when in need of variety listen to other bands and let Adrian Hates do what he does best."

Musicfolio picks: Painkiller, Panik?, Soul Stripper."
-- DJ Avalanche,, 1/03

Diary of Dreams - Nigredo*** 2004: Nigredo
01. Dead Letter 02. Giftraum 03. Kindrom 04. Reign of Chaos 05. Charma Sleeper 06. Tales of the Silent City 07. Portrait of a Cynic 08. UnMensch 09. The Witching Hour 10. Psycho-Logic 11. Krank:Haft 12. Cannibals 13. Mask of Shame

"While less dance oriented than their previous releases, 'Nigredo' proves that the band has lost none of their penchant for the cloudy and mysterious. This review is based on the limited edition release by Accession Records. The US version track listing is the same, but the limited edition has a larger boxed set feel, with a poster and larger art book. The album itself is a more cohesive effort from DOD, relying less on standout tracks and more on a complete package. (...) Overall, not as good or as diverse as their previous albums, 'Freak Perfume' and 'One Of 18 Angels'. Some of the tracks really stand out here, but many just fall into the established DOD repertoire. The hidden track on the end is really just noise, and could have been left off. Less dance oriented than their previous albums, this one will appeal more to late night drivers and those who listen to music while lying in bed. "
-- Jack Wells, customer review, 11/04

Diary of Dreams - Nekrolog 43***¼ 2007: Nekrolog 43
Tracklisting: 01. Nekrolog 43 02. The Plague 03. Son of A Thief 04. Tears of Joy 05. UnWanted? 06. Matching Lives 07. Remedy Child 08. Malice 09. The Darkest Of All Hours 10. Congratulations 11. HypocrypticKlal 12. AlLone 13. The Valley

"Following the otherworldly trend of the 2004 and 2005 releases, 'Nigredo' and 'MenschFeind', 'Nekrolog 43' focuses more specifically on the wildly changeable nature of human emotion, supported by contrasting highs and lows in composition and instrumentation, while the poetically biting lyrics that have defined this act from the beginning are more accusative and edgy. The album opens with the title track, setting an appropriately gloomy yet energetic mood, beginning with a duel between a broken, screechy tone and a hollow rumble and then erupting into a slow beat that cues Adrian Hates' foreboding vocal presence. Nekrolog 43 flows seamlessly into The Plague, which is the kind of choice dance track that Diary of Dreams is so well known and loved for; it has a subtle anger that is enhanced with a fast beat and industrial guitar textures. Son of a Thief is an equally strong track with a lush, quickly changing synth tone, at times supported by piano, that spreads its intoxicating influence across the senses and trades on and off with Adrian's haunting vocals. (...) Malice possesses the bitter quality of Diary of Dreams' more aggressive pieces, but the chorus also has a poppy feel to it that makes it completely addictive and a must have for DJs. This is the real gem of this CD, with a full ascending synth hook that reveals the effect of Diary of Dreams' recent collaborations with [:SITD:]. (...) While this album has more ambient pieces than it does dance floor-oriented tracks, it is not to be missed by anyone who appreciates well composed EBM and darkwave."
-- Dale Carlyon,, 12/07

Diary of Dreams - (if)***½ 2009: (if)
Tracklisting: 01 the Wedding 02 Requiem 4.21 03 Odyssey Asylum 04 Poison Breed 05 Wahn!Sinn? 06 the Colors of Grey 07 Choir Hotel 08 the Chain 09 King of Nowhere 10 21 Grams of Nothing 11 Mind over Matter 12 Kingdom of Greed

"The all-new album by Diary Of Dreams bears the simple but expressive title '(if)' – subtitled 'The Memento Ritual Project'. In contrast to previous works, '(if)' is no conceptual album; instead, each of the 12 songs on this ninth studio album is tells its very own story. Expect otherworldly sounds of extraordinary intensity on this eagerly awaited album by one of the most successful German dark Electro-Pop acts. With '(if)', Diary Of Dreams open a new chapter in their "Dream Diary" and take the listener to a world full of tender melodies. '(if)' simultaneously manages to embrace the stylistic spectrum for which Diary Of Dreams are acclaimed and respected, and yet at the same time succeeds in surprising the listener with a myriad of new and fresh influences and sonorities. The limited edition box set includes the bonus CD 'g(if)t' containing 4 more new songs: Momentum, Regicide, The Saint, Never Tell the Widow. The lyrics to all the songs have been combined with photographs to make up a luxurious 48-page booklet. Additional eye candy is provided by a big poster and a 6 panel digipak – all encased in a beautiful box."

Diary of Dreams - Ego X***¼ 2011: Ego X
Tracklisting: 01. Into X 02. Undividable 03. Lebenslang 04. Grey the Blue 05. Element 1: Zeitgeist 06. Immerdar 07. Push Me (feat. Amelia Brightman) 08. Echo in Me (X-Version) 09. Splinter 10. Element 5: Resignation 11. Mein-Eid 12. Fateful Decoy 13. Weh:Mut 14. Out of X

"Diary Of Dreams have amassed a rather impressive legacy over the past two decades placing them in the enviable 'veteran' position. Though this does create the unenviable task of creating new albums that live up to, and surpass their earlier classic works. DOD haven't been a band to rest on their laurels though, and new album 'Ego:X' definitely pushes forward with the band's penchant for experimentation. There are plenty of familiar elements in the music from the ever present guitar and vocal styles to the dark wave electronics that permeate the songs. Yet 'Ego:X' has a slightly different feel to it. The tracks seem more lyrically driven than usual and there is a cinematic quality that emphasises the presentation of this as an album, rather than a collection of songs. The more overt use of the band's native tongue also adds an air of extra intrigue for non-German speakers, drawing the listener further into the songs which is at it's most apparent in a sing-a-long anthem such as Echo In Me. And it's tracks like this, as well as Undividable, Grey The Blue and Push Me (featuring Amelia Brightman) that really drive the album while showing off the depths of the band's skills. (...) There are a few points where the band's standard tricks get repeated, and the switching back and forth between English and German can sound a little too europop..."
-- Sean Palfrey, dominion magazine, 8/11

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