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Into her liquid arms I fall
-- HLA - Diorama
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Diorama - Her Liquid Arms- Diorama was founded in 1996/1997 as the musical project of Torben Wendt.
- 1999: The first album Pale is released with the help of Adrian Hates, mastermind of Diary of Dreams and owner of Accession-records. Adrian provides also backing vocals on the song Masquerades and Faces. The music style is very similar to DoD, i.e romantic vocals backed by melancholic layered synth arrangements.
- 1999: Troben Wendt became a member of the Diary of Dreams team, playing keyboards at live performances.
- 2000: Felix Marc joins Diorama as an additional keyboardist and backing vocals.
- 2001: Diorama's second full length album Her Liquid Arms is released. This second release includes several rythm-oriented tracks and uptempo electro-goth songs.
- 2002: New band member Bernard Le Sigue joins. Diorama's third studio album 'The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits' is released on Oct 18, 2002.

 Diorama Discography - Album / CD Reviews

Diorama - Pale*** 1999: Pale

Track Listing: 1. Between the shadow and me 2. Contradictive 3. I wait for you 4. Leaving Hollywood 5. Said but true 6. Kain's advice 7. Belle? 8. Masquerades and faces 9. Another queen 10. Bring me flowers 11. Pale

"The music is pretty similar to that of Diary of Dreams. But Diorama is softer and has some nice dark wave influences as well. The good vocals and the complete absence of metal guitars contribute to making this a rather unordinary album. This is not traditional gothic rock - more calm gothic dark wave stuff with synthesizers. The music is far from happy and you can almost guess Diorama is a German band. You get eleven good songs on this album, one of the best gothic releases this year."
Johan Astemark,

Diorama - Her Liquid Arms ***¾ 2001: Her Liquid Arms
Track Listing:01. HLA 02. E Minor 03. Advance 04. Light 05. Times Galore 06. Hydro Drugs 07. Photo 08. Das Meer 09. Wingless 10. Beamer

"Her Liquid Arms begins promisingly enough with a fragmentary reading sample of E.A. Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” before launching into a propulsive techno beat and drawn-out synth chords. Bombastically dour vocals come in and the result is an appealing electro-goth hybrid, not unlike label-mates Diary Of Dreams. Not surprising, since Diorama’s mastermind Torben Wendt is a part-time studio member and live player in Diary. A similar sound maintains itself through the next two tracks, E Minor and Advance; E Minor maintains a filmic epic quality via thick electronic orchestral constructs which Torben’s deep vocals effectively compliment. Advance brings in some screeching techno and a frenetic beat rendering a very VNV Nation-like sound. After this strong introduction comes the quiet Light from which the rest of Her Liquid Arms never recovers.
(...) Her Liquid Arms is, like all Accession releases, flawlessly produced and mastered, the sound quality is superb, and Diorama are a talented project. Torben’s lyrics, unlike the vast majority of gothic songs, are quite good and while incorporating all the conventions of doom, sorrow and loss, he manages to write reasonably well. A solid electro-goth release, Her Liquid Arms is redundant and sometimes cliched, but nevertheless, is a respectable effort in the genre. "

Diorama - The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits***¾2002: The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits

Track Listing: 1-velocity 2- last minute 3- kiss of knowledge 4- howland road 5-staring 6-all that matters 7- brainwashed 8-home to millions 9- forgotten 10-a few days off 11- klarheit 12- pain management 13-the convenience of being absent

"Brand new album from Diorama following on from their essential releases 'Her Liquid Arms', 'Pale' and 'Device'. Diorama use a stylistic variety ranging from romantic ballads to groove oriented dance tunes produceing a perfect symbiosis of sophisticated music with high class lyrics. With 'The Art Of Creating Confusing Spirits', Diorama stick to their principles of continuously developing their style without neglecting their musical roots. The new album is traditionally complex, catchy and melancholic and will surely please DIORAMA fans while at the same time bearing the potential to extend DIORAMA's popularity and to attract a new audience."

Diorama - Amaroid****¼ 2005: Amaroid audio

Track Listing: 01. Logic Friends 02. The Girls 03. Dear Brother 04. Helmets Down 05. Friends We Used To Know 06. Someone Dies 07. Random Starlight 08. Prozac Junkies 09. Unzerstört 10. Champagne For All 11. Odyssey Into The Vacuum 12. I Hear The Drums 13. Two Boats

"Melodic synth-songs that are so driven that you just have to put everything else away while listening to this album. You just want to dance along, cry along with the album... feel what emotion there is in yourself. Emotionally driven tracks like Friends We Use to Know are intertwined with more upbeat songs like Champagne For All. It is an album that sets moods and evokes emotions in a way very few albums do. (...) A must-have for every fan of dark melodic synth-music. "
-- Ikecht,, 5/05

"... I have a great appreciation for more subdued, expressive, melodic synth compositions. Few times have I been as consciously thankful for this openness as the time spent listening to 'Amaroid', Diorama’s first offering since 2002. (...) Ranging from the upbeat Pop of Champagne For All to the somber passion of Helmets Down, Amaroid is a work of art, to be listened to many times. I could compare Diorama to a few other bands, most of them popular in the 1980’s, but I won’t. I shall let this review stand as an evaluation of the band on its own terms, as artists in their own right. (...) The whole album is a masterpiece of engaging rhythms, hooky melodies, passionate lyrics, and catchy grooves that achieves something truly sublime."
-- Jason Van Kemseke,, 4/05

Diorama - A Different Life***¾ 2007: A Different Life

Track Listing: 01. Screenface 02. Definition Power 03. Why 04. Burning Out 05. Synthesize Me 06. Protected World 07. 10000 Meter Waves 08. Sands 09. Exit the Grey 10. Kein Mord 11. No Tears 12. Blessed 13. Colder

"In order to get inspired by varied surroundings and landscapes during the recording of their new album, the band around mastermind Torben Wendt travelled with their mobile recording-studio to the Austrian alps and the Dutch coast of the Northern Sea. The so-collected wide spectrum of impressions, moods and musical inspirations have then been completed, re-assembled and straightened out upon returning from these two journeys. 'A Different Life' is questioning the structures of today’s society and tries to de-mingle the personal micro-cosmos of each of the four individual members of Diorama. The result is a homogeneous album, characterized by floating sequences on solid wave-grooves and the Diorama trademark of ease and melancholy, enriched by intense strings and varied percussive elements. By Wendt’s transformationable voice and the selective use of gentle guitars, bass and drums, the album offers a complex overall sound, that makes the listener dive into the deeper spheres of this album of intense beauty. Diorama re-confirm their outstanding position in the dark wave scene..."

Diorama - Cubed***½ 2010: Cubed

Track Listing: 01. Child of Entertainment 02. Acid Trip 03. Ignite 04. Gone Gone Gone 05. Cubed 06. Apocalypse Later 07. Record Deal 08. My Counterfeit 09. Refugee 10. Alpha Animal Complex 11. Golden Boy 12. Lord of the Lies 13. Stereotype

"After two years of composition and production, the band based around mastermind Torben Wendt presents a diversified and complex album. Potential dancefloor fillers like Ignite and Apocalypse Later in combination with soul-gripping ballads like My Counterfeit and Lord of the Lies result in a self-contained work of art, that adds new facets to Diorama's unmistakable musical identity - between melancholy and irony, snappiness and bulkiness, genius and madness, ordinariness and utopia. The figurative picture of a cube is the guiding theme of the album - a confined area serving as a living space be it as a stage, as a prison or as a shelter. This concept consequently features throughout the band's artwork, stage setting and web appearance. With 'Cubed', Diorama are sharpening their role as a creative engine within the black scene and beyond its boundaries."
-- press release

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