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Frozen Plasma
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Vasi Vallis - Keyboards, Programming
Felix Marc - Vocals

Frozen Plasma forms from the ashes of the defunct electro-pop band NamNamBulu . Vasi Vallis (NamNamBulu and Reaper) joins forces with singer Felix Marc (Producer/Keyboarder/Backing Vocals for Diorama). Initial contact was first made during the European VNV Nation 'Formation Tour,' where Vasi (keyboards for VNV Nation) and Felix first met. Their first single 'Hypocrite,' was released in late 2005.

  Frozen Plasma Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2006: Artificial

Track Listing: 01. Irony 02. Crossroads 03. 1980 04. War 05. A Second Of Life 06. Generations Of The Lost 07. Home 08. Betrayed (Iris Remix) 09. Unborn Faith 10. Hypocrite 11. Condense 12. A Second of Life (Extended Version)
"Following the demise / split of Euro electro-pop sensation NamnamBulu - it was easy to predict that follow up project Frozen Plasma would return with as much energy and infection synth-tuned poppery than ever before! Already scoring a huge underground hit with dancefloor single 'Hypocrite' they return now with their new full length album 'Artificial'. With singer Felix Marc (of Diorama) now incorporated into the line-up, NamNambulu / Reaper -sound-mastermind Vasi Vallis delivers 12 tracks and 75 minutes of mature, dreamy electro-pop - brimming with synth led melodies across a number of high class potential hits tracks."
-- press release
"Musically, Frozen Plasma picks up right where NamNamBulu left off. If anything, the music is even more catchy. The beats are great for the club floors, and offer a lot of variety in their tempos. The synth work by Vasi Vallis is also spectacular, as is to be expected. Felix Marc’s vocal deliveries are also fabulous, and really help convey the emotion of the lyrics. His style is similar to NNB’s Henrik Iversen, yet has a distinctive sound all his own. "
-- Jeremy,, 5/06

*** 2009: Monumentum

Track Listing: 01. Open 02. The End – Deliverance 03. The Speed of Life 04. Phoenix 05. Natural Born Liars 06. Tanz die Revolution 07. Earthling 08. Almond Flower 09. Touching Ground 10. Murderous Trap 11. Forgotten Earth 12. The Speed of Life (Extended) 13. Close

"The album indeed is similar in vein to VNV Nation, Cesium_137, and Funker Vogt in that they use political commentary, tinny synth and sweeping drums to move and provoke. The album opens with the vast and heavenly riffs of The End - Deliverance beckoning to the floor. The already pulse pounding club hit Tanz Die Revolution (The Dance Revolution) heats up the album with thumping bass backbeats, gritty distortion, and beautiful vocals. The album closes out with the frenetic Speed of Life (Extended Mix) and burns up to the finale of the abruptly titled Close."
-- Dr. Raven,, 7/09
"It sure isn’t the re-invention of the wheel and won’t win a price for leading innovation in electronic music but that was never the goal and so ‘Monumentum’ still is undoubtedly FROZEN PLASMA but it’s an evolution both of sound and compositional work..."
-- Sebastian Huhn,, 5/09

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