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"On a quest for new musical paths, the former Paradise Of Fear vocalist Daniel Wollatz and the keyboardist Mathias Thürk formed the group Minerve, in order to realize their ideas of synthpop with experimental touches. An interesting mixture of aggressive synth-tracks on the one hand and interesting melodic vocals on the other became apparent right on the first demotapes."
-- Avatar,

"The music of Minerve is embossed by occasional aggressive electronic tracks and melodic refrains. In spite of minimalist compositions their music sounds surprising rich and varied. The musical background is enriched by the excellent singing of Daniel Wollatz, who is best characterized by very tender though powerful voice."
-- SynthPop for the Masses,

 Minerve Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2004: Breathing Avenueaudio

Tracklisting: 1. Antimatter 2. Clear 3. reMind 4. Suffocate 5. Interlude 6. Venenum 7. Afraid of myself 8. Merge 9. Escape 10. High pitched emotions 11. Epilog

"With 'Breathing Avenue' Minerve are practising a well-done tightrope walk between FuturePoP and classic SynthPoP music, because fast-speed electro beats (e.g. Antimatter, Clear, Merge, Escape) are alternating with warm and empathetic Ballades (e.g. Soffucate) and mid-speed tracks."
-- SynthPop for the Masses,

"Stunning debut album from new electro-pop sensations Minerve (Paradise Of Fear vocalist Daniel Wollatz and the keyboardist Mathias Thurk ) delivering driving synthpop soundtracks full of invention and catchy melodies - essential for all fans of Mesh, Camouflage and Iris, Minerve offer perfect electronic pop tunes full of lush synth lines and pulsing dancefloor grooves. On the second track Clear, harmonic string synths merge with clear and tender vocals expertly bridging the gap between commercial electro-pop and alternative dark edged sounds...a perfect mixture of aggressive synth lines and melodic vocals - but this track is just one highlight on an album full of potential hits. 'Breathing Avenue' is a breathtaking debut and comes highly recommended to all fans of melodic and infectious electronic pop."

***½ 2006: SenseFictionaudio

Tracklisting: 1.Moonaddicted 2.Lost in your Room 3.The Inner Cage 4.Deep Inside 5.It's quiet (feat. Jenny Pecorilli of Victim in Vain) 6.My Universe (Album Version) 7.Take me Higher 8.Numb 9.Sick of you 10.There is Nothing 11.Crush

"SenseFiction is the second album of infectious electro-pop songs from German act Minerve - blending driving trance rhythms, bright sequences and melodic refrains on 11 tracks of quality synth-based pop songs. These songs are further enriched by lush arrangements, clear English vocals and sublime ballads ( heartfelt album closer Crush in particular ) - adding up to a varied, recommended album for all fans of Mesh, Iris, Camouflage etc..."

2010: Please

Tracklisting: 1. Hold Me Tight 2. Everyday 3. Down To The Ground 4. Life Is An Illusion 5. You Don't Know Me 6. Don't Ask Me Why 7. Phoenix 8. Read In My Memories 9. Please 10. Forbidden Love 11. Save Me 12. Crush (Roman Rain Remix) 13. Clear (Crazy Juliet Remix) 14. My Universe (Neo-Romantic Remix)

Release date: May 2010

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