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Born for Bliss or born for pain
Born to live with that eternal flame

-- "Killing Time", Born For Bliss
Born For Bliss
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Two ex-Clan Of Xymox stage team members, Frank Weyzig and Willem Van Antwerpen, started this project in 1994, and were joined by Chapman Stick player Remco Helbers in 1995. Their first full length album Flowing With the Flue released in 1997, was an impressive debut taking us back to 80's dark wave sound, ranging from the dance beat of the hit song Arabia, to the more melancholic and gloomy sound of Killing Time, not to mention the mystical touch of If Only -- which features York Eysel from Love Like Blood on backing vocals--. 'Flowing With The Flue' is without a doubt comparable in style and magnificence to the first two Clan Of Xymox albums.
The recording of the second Born For Bliss album 'Between Living and Dreaming' was finalized in Feb 99 and is expected to be released in the coming few months.
-- Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 6/99

 Born For Bliss Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**** 1997: Flowing with the Flueaudio

" Centered on ex-Xymox and ex-Dreamside members, the Dutch formation Born For Bliss return this time with a full length album I had been eagerly waiting for since the release of the beautiful appetizer single "Arabia" out some months ago already. They play very moody and catchy melancholic electro wave tunes, marrying the good old 80's feeling with the freshness of the 90's sound and production. Flowing with the Flue is a very open album, leaving all issues available, letting the feelings of the musicians lead the songs. Now slow and romantic (Ocean of Lies), then up-tempo dance (White Rabbit), Born For Bliss bring you splendiferous atmospheres with such a gloomy and dynamic manner, both at the same time, that they can't leave you unaffected."
-- Seba Dolimont, "Side Line" 6/97

News - 05/01: Born for Bliss no longer exists. Due to all kinds of problems with their management and record company, their latest album 'Between Living and Dreaming" was never released! The two former Born for Bliss members have started a new project: CrossFate. At this time Frank and Remco are working on new material for there debut album "Where this will end"., 5/01

1999: Between Living and Dreamingaudio

Tracklisting: 01. Empty Room 02. Any More 03. Kindred Spirits 04. Winter Tears 05. Believe 06. Shades 07. Perfect Sin 08. Edge of Perfection 09. Between Living and Dreaming 10. All Away 11. All Away (edit)

Never officially released in 1999. The album was made available for purchase from the band's website directly in June 2006.

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