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A child is dancing to the sound of detonating bombs
-- Craving - Dreadful Shadows
Dreadful Shadows

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Line -up:
Sven Friedrich (vocals, guitars, keyboards) 1993 - 2000
Jens Riediger (bass) 1993 -2000
Ron Thiele (drums) 1993 - 2000
André Feller (Guitars) 1996 - 2000
Norman Selbig (guitars, keyboards) 1996 - 2000
Stefan Neubauer (guitars) 1993 - 1996

"Dreadful Shadows are THE gothic rock band of the 90's and one of the most underrated german bands of the past decade. It is one of the rare dark bands that skillfully combines metal music with keyboard layering delivering pure melancholy trembling with intensity. If Andrew Eldritch ever decides to produce an album again in his life time, he better come close to 'Beyond the Maze' and 'The Cycle' or his legacy is history! Sven Friedrich's powerful voice is a revelation in itself, making Carl McCoy's vocals sound frivolous..."
Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 4/00

 Dreadful Shadows Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1994: Estrangement

Track Listing:01 Resurrection 02 Over the worst 03 Dead can wait 04 Still alive 05 Through the mirror 06 Funeral procession 07 A sea of tears 08 Dirge 09 Her devotion 10 The release 11 Estrangement

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*** 1996: Buried Again audio

"Dreadful Shadows have an original approach to Gothic Rock with proverbial deep brooding vocals. Concentrating on musicianship as much as the occasional synth on Buried Again, The sound is full, rich, and layered. This entire album flows; as if the songs were meant to be played in the order they chose. An emotional rollercoaster, tracing the lines of love , darkness, humanity; fate, strength and futility. From the slow, beautiful, and haunting Obituary to the moving piano and guitar backed Racking Call." via

***** 1998: Beyond the Maze
"The perfection of this album sweeps me away every time I listen to it. Just like every other Dreadful Shadows album it starts with an opening musical track that introduces a journey into gloomland, ending with the epiphany title track. A strange coherence lies in the order of the songs similar to the sequence in the chapters of a novel. With songs like Craving, Desolated Homes, and Beyond the Maze, this album delivers gothic metal music at its best.
Ranked #1 album of 1998, in the gothic charts."
Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 4/00

****¼ 1999: The Cycle
"Passionate gloomy songs, heavy metal arrangements, impressive drums, stylish keyboard layering, Sven's sweeping gothic vocals, and the legendary Gitane Demone's female backing vocals to top it all off... a real treat as expected, 'The Cycle' is in-line with Dreadful Shadows latest masterpiece 'Beyond the Maze'. A beautiful version of Tanita Tikaram's Twist in my Sobriety is thrown in as a bonus track.
Favorite picks: Exile, Futility, Intransigence and Calling the Sun."
Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 4/00

"A real treat for the music fans, legendary mistress of the goth music world, Gitane Demone does backing vocals in many of the pieces on this cd. "The Cycle" is a great follow up from their last cd, "Beyond The Maze," which was ranked the number one album of 1998 in the Gothic Musicfolio charts.
The first track to get the cd going is called 'Futility.' It's a great peek at what is to come in the rest of the cd. Another song 'Awakening' will stir the listener's imagination with vivid pictures of a tormented soul. To finish off this great Gothic work, a bonus track was added called 'Twist in my Sobriety', an awesome remake of Tanita Tikaram's (Dreadful Shadows songwriter) original."
April Skeens,, 11/00

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