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Solar Fake - Sven FriedrichIn the year 2007 Sven Friedrich, the singer of Zeraphine and the legendary Dreadful Shadows, brought his solo project SOLAR FAKE into being. The charismatic frontman, who is mentioned in several lexica and reference books as the outrider for the combination of rock and electronics in dark music, lives his penchant for electronic music with SOLAR FAKE, a pure electro- project.

 Solar Fake Discography - Album / CD Reviews

Solar Fake - Broken Grid****¼ 2008: Broken Grid

Track Listing: 01. Hiding memories from the sun 02. Stigmata rain 03. (You think you´re) Radical 04. The shield 05. Creep 06. Her I stand 07. I keep my eyes shut 08. Hero & conqueror 09. Lies 10. Sometimes 11. Your hell is here 12. I can´t remember

"After the legendary Dreadful Shadows and his current work in Zeraphine, Sven Friedrich goes solo, doing everything by himself, realizing a long standing wish of pure electronic. And surprisingly much versatile! Only provided by keys and synths 'Broken Grid' offers a wide spectrum of electronic music and emotions. Opening track Hiding Memories From The Sun immediately emerges as an catchy tune, stylistically picking up the thread from the last Dreadful Shadows record 'The Cycle', just in a pure electronic soundrobe. Only the Atari-like sounding parts at the end of this song are diminishing the listening pleasure a bit, a little quirk appearing every now and then in the songs. Rather disturbing Stigmata Rain gets stuck in your ears with its mesmerizing rhythms, which get broken through by a much aggressive and distorted singing during the refrains. A classic loud-quiet combination with its intensive effects. Unequally harsher (You Think You’re) Radical strikes back; seems like Sven Friedrich is singing much frustration off his soul in this song. Of course, one will find many reminiscences to his other work, something you cannot avoid by such a distinctive voice I guess. But generally speaking in SOLAR FAKE Sven Friedrich dares to try out everything he likes and want to. He roams through all kind of electronic fields and skillfully combines different elements without losing himself in it. On 'Broken Grid' tensions get built up, unloading itself in energetic dancefloor fillers, forcing up again and ending in the final, melancholy-draped I Can’t Remember."
-- Dajana,

****¼ 2011: Frontiers

Track Listing: 01 Under the skies 02 Why did I raise the fire 03 No apologies 04 More than this 05 Parasites 06 Such a shame 07 Where are you 08 The rising doubt 09 Pain goes by 10 Until I'm back 11 The line of sight

"Tasteful. That’s the word that comes to mind when listening to 'Frontiers', a record that strikes a pleasant balance between futurepop and dark electro. At times it recalls the arch yet insular feel of classic Dust of Basement records, as on lead track Under The Skies, but it also has no problems trading in more aggressive fare. (...) While there isn’t much here in terms of structure or sonics that will come as a surprise to those familiar with the genres in play, 'Frontiers' is a well-sculpted listen which should appeal to those with an ear for detail. Moreover, Friedrich’s experience with genres which (let’s face it) often hold vocalists to a higher technical standard serves 'Frontiers' well, and he’s able to switch from restrained croon to full-on growling with aplomb. The mixing on the record acknowledges the strength of his voice as an instrument and rightfully places it front and center for much of its duration. 'Frontiers' builds on Solar Fake’s solid enough debut 'Broken Grid', offering far more refined and original programming (though some tracks, like The Rising Doubt, are still susceptible to presets). While it’s certainly not going to reinvent the wheel, it delivers an excellent clutch of tunes and a showcase for an accomplished vocalist."
-- Bruce,, 7/11

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