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Project PitchforkLine-up:
- Peter Spilles (vocals)

- Dirk Scheuber (keyboards, programming)

"For over ten years, vocalist, Peter Spilles and keyboardist/programmer, Dirk Scheuber , have been pushing the limits of the constantly evolving industrial music scene. From Germany, Project Pitchfork has released seven full-length albums, and several EP’s. From there humble beginning’s in 1991, with their debut album 'Dhyani', to there 2001 release 'Daimonion', Project Pitchfork have evolved their style with every album. No two albums sound alike (so just because you like one, doesn’t mean you’ll like them all), but every album, has left a huge impact on the gothic/Industrial music scene. "
-- Thrill[Kill],, 12/01

 Project Pitchfork Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1991: Dhyani

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1992: lam'bras

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1992: Entities

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Project Pitchfork - IO* *½ 1994: IOaudio

"... give this album a try if you're brave enough to try something radically different. Though it's not the band's very best as a whole, it does offer some of the bands most beautifully unique and intriguing songs: lO, the perfect opener to the album that sets the stage for what's in store next. The Seeker, with it's trippy vocals that progress into a harder sound, and Renascence, an unassuming poppy gothic-sounding song that is sure to intrigue you...and the whole outer space theme works so well throughout. Give this cd a try along with 'Alpha Omega' and 'Eon:Eon' and after the second or third listen, when the shock and unfamiliarity with the band subsides, you may just find it to be so delisciously different and sinfully enjoyable, that once converted, you may never be the same again."
-- azurestrangelove, amazon customer, 8/03

Project Pitchfork - Alpha Omega** *¼ 1995: Alpha Omegaaudio

"This album should be the measuring stick for all electronic music. The fact that it was recorded in 1995 and able to be re-released in 1998, and do well, is an example of the timeless quality this cd has. This isn’t just another ten-song cd, but more like an audio theatrical performance with ten acts. Starting with the title track 'Alpha Omega', and ending with the popular club version of the song Omega Alpha, and tying all the tracks together with rhythmic ocean soundscapes instead of spaces between songs, 'Alpha Omega' is a cd that everybody should own. There is not one mediocre song on this cd, and there will be no need to hit the skip button on your discman, because you wont want to miss a beat. The powerful lyrics of the title track, and the rolling, almost military like, hardcore precision of Requiem have earned these two songs tons of play in clubs across Europe and North America. Endzeit captures the mood left by Skinny Puppy when they released 'Assimilate', and brings it to the next level. Green World is a modern day electronic ballade with layers of melodic string sounds that will leave you in a near hypnotic trance, and The Animal is a piece of work that would make any rivithead cream there pants."
-- Thrill[Kill],, 12/01

1997: !CHAKRA:Red!

Project Pitchfork - eon:eon** * 1998: Eon:Eonaudio
"While a definite improvement over 1997's !Chakra:Red!, Eon:Eon, Project Pitchfork's seventh full-length, seems to run out of musical steam about three songs in. The rest of the disc chugs along dutifully, but the excitement is sparse and fitful. It's a shame, really, because the songs that do succeed here are among the best this German electro band has ever written. Carnival is particularly affecting, a haunted yet bouncy track whose melody lingers in the mind. Realm Center sees vocalist Peter Spilles attempt a smoldering sultriness, not unlike Dirk Ivens's (Dive) quieter moments, and on Hunted Pitchfork skillfully execute a classic Front 242-ism--the call-and-response chorus: "Trust means nothing here (I have to run) / Justice means nothing here (I have to run)," etc. Most of the other tracks succumb either to mediocrity or to childish heavy-metalisms, the notable exception being the thoughtful I Live Your Dream. Ultimately, Eon:Eon would have made an excellent EP; instead it's a middling effort by a band whose best work is clearly behind them."
-- Steve Landau,

Project Pitchfork - Daimonion***½ 2001: Daimonionaudio

"Their first release in three years, but a recognizable name in the Industrial/Goth circles for over ten years running, epitomizes the best historical elements of early Sisters' with the fervent techno beats of a Kraftwerk, maybe a Front 242, and apply to the entire mix a wall of atmospheric and emotive sound and rapturous ambient textures. Known for their lyrical intelligence as much for their technical innovations, the same holds true here only in a less sociological setting, this time more inner personal but still with the deepest admiration for a heightened use of the senses. While the lyrical spillover moves into the sharp melodies and swooning percussive effects that echo forth a generous parallel of romanticism and elegance, there is an almost diabolical force clearly at work behind the scenes-all at once you're engulfed in fear, dread, longing, sorrow and joy. It's as if some unforeseeable entity rose up without warning and infected you at just the right moment to reveal the often untapped resources we often overlook in day to day life… a spiritual presence that illuminates the night but there's surely a master technician at work behind the dim light and cloud cover of this aural mystique simply known as Daimonion."
-- Vinnie Apicella,

Project Pitchfork - Inferno** * 2002: Inferno

"Project Pitchfork seemingly changes a large part of their sound on every album. The release of the NUN Trilogy which is comprised of the 'Inferno' LP and 'View From a Throne' and 'Trialog' EPs represents another step in the evolution. Compared to the last album, 'Daimonion', 'Inferno' has a more serious tone to the lyrics and the music itself seemingly reaches out a little more to the mainstream while also showing elements of the older Pitchfork sound. Unfortunately, Inferno is a bit incoherent and somewhat boring, although it was still better than some of the other electronic albums released in mid to late 2002. (...) 'Inferno' somewhat reminds me of "Lam-'bras" in that the band seems to be trying to find a new direction for their sound and they succeed on many tracks, pull off a few average tracks, and drop a few duds while they're at it. Inferno also strangely seems to stray away from one of the hallmark's of Project Pitchfork's sound: Peter Spilles' ability to create a large variety in the way lyrics are delivered. This album sees Spilles taking a relatively monotone voice on most tracks compared to previous albums. (...) The 'View From a Throne' and 'Trialog' EPs released with the albums take what is good about Inferno and take it further and create two very strong EPs, while leaving behind what dragged 'Inferno' down. I'd skip this and go straight to those EPs."
-- Donovan,, 5/04

Project Pitchfork - Kaskade***½ 2005: Kaskade

Tracklisting: 01. Instead Of An Angle 02. The Future Is Now 03. Beautiful-Logic-Strings 04. Dance In The Air 05. Fleischverstdrker 06. The Touch 07. Abyss 08. A.Dream 09. The Present 10. Chains 11. Your Tempting Fantasy 12. Echoes 13. Schall Und Rauch 14. Merry-Go-Round-To-Hell 15. It's Spring

"'Kaskade' is a strong symbiosis of typical Project Pitchfork elements and the necessary progression, which makes the album recognizable, yet never old-fashioned. Remarkable is the bigger role for the guitars this time, but this doesn't go at the cost of the subtle nuances the band is known for. Once again the cryptic lyrics are great as well, so we can speak of one of the better Project Pitchfork releases; at least the previous album 'Inferno' is totally overshadowed. 'Kaskade' opens surprisingly with the lovely, subtle Instead of an Angle, whereafter the band increases power with the second song The Future Is Now. This rhythmic song is perfectly fit for the dancefloor, just like the upbeat German song Fleischverstärker. Other remarkable songs are the driven Echoes with powerful guitars, the beautiful Dance in the Air, which contains a wonderful chorus and the nicely built-up final song It's Spring. But the true highlights are the rhythmic and pushing The Touch and Schall und Rauch, a subtle hymn, which combines depth with a very catchy chorus. So 'Kaskade' is a must-have for Project Pitchfork fans and is worth a try for everyone who likes gothic, electro or industrial music."
-- Lykle,

Project Pitchfork - Dream Tiresias** *½ 2009: Dream, Tiresias

Tracklisting: 1. If I Could 2. Nasty Habit 3. The Tide 4. Promises 5. An End 6. Your God 7. Feel! 8. Full Of Life 9. Darkness 10. Passion.

'Dream Tiresias!' is Project Pitchfork in highest power, back to their roots and beyond. The essence, the purest soul of Project Pitchfork. No experiments and no compromises are made: the true nature of Project Pitchfork is celebrated here in all its strength. Hammering beats, breathtaking soundscapes, passionate melodies, profound lyrics and the charismatic vocals create an opulente convincing mixture. A long awaited release, which was certainly worth the wait.
'Dream, Tiresias!' is also released as a limited, luxurious digipak including a lavish booklet designed personally by Peter Spilles, including all lyrics and wonderful photos. the Ltd edition CD contains three bonus tracks taken from the limited taster single, 'Feel!', which was only released in Germany.

Project Pitchfork - Continuum Ride** *½ 2010: Continuum Ride

Tracklisting: 01 Way of the World 02 Stacked Visions 03 The dividing Line 04 Endless Infinity 05 Dead Cities 06 Continuum 07 Beholder 08 Ghosts of the Past 09 Supersonic Snakebite 10 Star Child 11 43rd Floor 12 Full Contact

"Instead of relying on old habits and the reverse gear, the oiled Pitchfork machine even shifts up a gear or two and refines the unique sound of their early masterpieces with a surprisingly modern diversity of ideas and a talent for big emotions that will transform every fervent worshipper of the pre Timekiller era into sheer rapture. Behind the stainless and admirably atmospheric production, 'Continuum Ride' offers shelter for tormented souls and a hideaway for all those plagued by soulless electro commandos. Beholder with its smartly marching beats and its synth virtuosity, the hypnotizing hookline in Dead Cities, a gripping salute to their own past, or the monumental Way of the World which will be defining the whole scene from now on: this infernally intense electro trip makes you instantly forget time and space."
-- press release

Project Pitchfork - Quantum Mechanics** *½ 2011: Quantum Mechanics

Tracklisting: 1 Freeze In Silence 2 Lament 3 Run For Cover 4 Radical Business 5 Mute Spectators 6 Quantum Mechanics 7 Queen of Time and Space 8 Splice 9 We Will Descend 10 You Rest In My Heart

"'Quantum Mechanics’ is cast with characters that tend to be either ridden with despair (Lament, We Will Descend) or mischievous, if not downright maleficent: Splice speaks with a voice of an evil scientist, while the exultant protagonist of Radical Business could be a venal leader or businessman; both too well-known characters of our time. On 'Quantum Mechanics', the wicked ones appear to have upper hand. Lyrics were always an essential part of PROJECT PITCHFORK's music, and on this album, Spilles makes a couple of side-trips to the fairytale land, drawing from folklore and traditional folk song lyric formats (Queen of Space and Time). Another reoccurring theme is that of criticism towards modern, corrupt society. (...) It is surprisingly difficult to pick up favourites from 'Quantum Mechanics': there is no flops but no instant highlights either. The final track of the album, inquisitive You Rest In My Heart captures well the spirit of 'Quantum Mechanics': It is simultaneously plaintive and consoling; bleak, but not acquiescent "
-- Hemi Malkki,, 8/11

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