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Imatem - Peter SpillesIMATEM is a fusion of the two german words "Im" and "Atem", and means in a poetic way: "to stand (or live) within the breath of life."
-- Peter Spilles, 9/08

Peter Spilles sure is a prolific fellow. Alongside his successful and long-running industrial electronic ensemble Project Pitchfork, he has worked with tons of different artists on various releases and also runs a couple of side projects of his own, including Santa Hates You and Imatem.
--, 8/08

 Imatem Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2007: Home

Track Listing: 1. Hold You - feat. Der Graf (Unheilig) 2. Holy TV 3. Seelenbrennen - feat. Falk Lenn 4.Remote Truth 5.Elegy of Angels 6.Manchmal - feat. Lacasa del Cid 7.Metami 8."S" - feat. miLù 9.Ganz Nah
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Imatem - Journey***¾ 2008: Journey

Track Listing: 1. Fiat Lux (feat. Stefan Grossmann of Absurd Minds) 2. Haven (feat. Ronan Harris of VNV Nation) 3. The Influence (feat. Jay Smith of Deviant UK) 4. Conquer (feat. Jinxy) 5. Blind Alley (feat. Jan Borkowski of Revolution) 6. Journey 7. Escape To Follow (feat. Sven Friedrich of Zeraphine/Solar Fake) 8. All Ends (feat. Nick of Legacy of Music) 9. Down To The Sea (feat. Sara Noxx) 10. No One (vocals: Peter Spilles)

"Journey is the second album of this electro project where Spilles makes the music and invites various guest vocalists to sing their parts. Again you can count on on intelligent electro music as well as some highlights in quality songwriting. Worth mentioning is for example Fiat Lux with Stefan Grossmann, known from the EBM band Absurd Minds. Also worthwhile is Haven with VNV Nation’s Ronan Harris as vocalist. It is a track that strongly reminds of a mix of VNV Nation and Project Pitchfork. Very enjoyable. The Influence is a track with a playful 80’s synthpop influence and vocals by Jay Smith from the British band Deviant UK, the best Gary Numan look-a-like singer ever. Conquer has one Jinxy as vocalist and is a strong electro tune with a catchy hook. Blind Alley is a less original track with vocals from Jan Borkowski of the unknown electro band Revolution. His accent as a German singing English is just horrible. The beautiful instrumental tune Journey does deliver though, for it shows that Spilles' long time duty as a musician and composer does has its advantages in a new project. The singer of Legacy of Music sounds convincing in All Ends. The voice of Sven Friedrich nicely matches the tranquil Escape to Follow and this also goes for Sara Noxx’ vocals in Down to the Sea. Finally, it is Peter Spilles himself who closes with No One. The album The Journey is a strong album all in all, with good and creative electro music."
-- Teknoir,

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